10 Jaw-Dropping British Home Designs

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If you're planning to buy a house, obviously you'll be thinking about which areas you want to live in, how many bedrooms you need, and the budget. But can we persuade you to think about something else as well? Choosing the right style of house is key if you don't want to keep moving, but if you don't know what's out there, you might struggle to tell your estate agent exactly what you're looking for! Come with us now as we tell you a little bit about the most popular architecture styles here in the UK, and see which ones get you really excited about your next purchase!

1. Mock tudor

Given how popular Tudor design has always been, it can't come as a surprise that Mock Tudor became a thing. Modern construction techniques, clad in faux-aged wood and partially rendered capture all the best bits of Tudor design, without as much maintenance. Leaded windows are pretty common too!

2. Tudor

Tudor architecture is one of the most popular house styles in the UK, thanks to the dramatic façades that it brings to life. Leaded windows, huge and heavy front doors, almost gothic hardware, and rustic bricks will always be a factor here, as well as plenty of stunning arches! 

3. Georgian

Houses built between 1714 and 1830 are considered to be Georgian, but the look was also revived in the early 20th Century, due to the popularity of the grand design style. Classically traditional elements are common, such as columns and symmetry, as a proportional distribution of modest elegance is key!

4. Victorian.

Victorian architecture became popular towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign and has remained a steadfast and covetable house style through to the present day. Terrace houses, with pretty windows, ornate trims and stoic wooden front doors are all key to the look!

5. Edwardian

Edwardian houses tend to look a little like Victorian style, but simpler and more understated. Dramatic brickwork will always feature heavily and longer, leaner windows are a staple of this genre too. Pale bricks, in particular, were popular!

6. Modernist

Ahhhh, we LOVE modernist homes! A really different take on property design, there was a focus on simple, smooth, and very understated façades, which would often be painted in a bright white. You'll always find sharp lines and defined angles in these super homes.

7. 1970s

There was a time when 1970s architecture was considered a little old hat, but it is enjoying SUCH a renaissance right now, as people are drawn to the funky retro look! Defined by dramatic sloping roofs, which are part of the 'Brutalist' architecture movement, drab colors, and exposed blockwork are both really key elements. 

8. 1930s

Taking inspiration from the arts and crafts movement, 1930s houses often feature a piquant mix of bricks and timber cladding and usually have a large driveway as well. Designed for growing families, there is always a cozy and welcoming aesthetic and quite a few windows too!

9. Traditional cottage.

Even today, so many of us still dream of living in a cute cottage in the countryside and why not? Thatched roofs, rustic red brick walls, pantile roofs and pretty pastel renders are all really key and let's not forget the white picket fence too!

10. Contemporary rural

When a country home appeals, but your aesthetic tends to be a little more modern, a contemporary rural build is absolutely the right decision for you! We think you'll enjoy the generous use of glass and steel, as well as striking contrasts with original agricultural buildings. Picture a swish barn conversion and you won't be far off!

For more cool architecture, take a look at this Ideabook: Home architecture on a limited budget—Victorian.

When considering British architecture styles, find what you like

Looking at different styles of houses in the UK can be overwhelming — which one could be right for you? The best way to figure this out is by looking online or touring houses and noting down which ones you like and which ones you dislike. Once you have enough to find a pattern, you can see which style of houses you prefer. It seems simple, but you may surprise yourself with your own taste.

Another thing to consider? Homes built more than a few decades ago can have quite a few problems, which can contribute to higher costs in the long term. If you're interested in 1930s architecture but don't want to deal with the maintenance, try to find remodeled homes that still have that exterior you love.

Of course, there are so many house styles and types of houses in the UK, we're sure you'll have no problems finding out what you like. But if you do need help, we've got professionals at your disposal as well as plenty of ideabooks to peruse, like this one.

So...did you find your perfect house style here?

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