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A Dreamy Country Cottage with a Difference

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You've seen the cover photograph for this article and we think you will have a pretty good idea of what you can expect in this amazing thatched cottage, but we are willing to bet that you're wrong! Far from giving you enough information as to the amazing work that has been completed inside this property, the frontage is almost a decoy, lulling you in with the promise of old fashioned touches and a cute interior. What you will actually find is a rustic yet contemporary vibe, with a wealth of clever storage!

We were shocked when we saw what had been created in this totally amazing cottage, so come with us as we take a closer look!

Deceptive but delightful

Looking at this house, what can we expect? Open fires, rustic finishes and a definite lack of contemporary styling right? Wrong! Though the exterior has been kept as original and unaltered as possible, down to having a brand new thatched roof installed, what lies behind these walls is a shock, but in a good way!

We would have naturally expected to see some chintz fabric, a plethora of basket weave and even a few stray firewood logs being used as decoration, but instead, a calm, considered and sleek space awaits us, so let's knock on the door and take a look around!

Thoroughly modern kitchen

Well, we bet you were expecting to see something a lot more rustic than this chic modern kitchen, weren't you? Far from being the Shaker-filled room, complete with AGA and Victorian drying rack that you might have been anticipating, this is a kitchen for keen cooks that want all mod cons at their fingertips and we have to admit that we love it!

Hartley Quinn Wilson have managed to seamlessly blend an old house with a need for modernity and by using a wonderfully traditional colour scheme, the starkness of the contemporary items has been diffused.

Clever storage

One thing that heritage homes never seem to have enough of is storage, so during the remodel, we think it was a fantastic decision to include a designated pantry, complete with handy larder cupboard! Removing the need to store any consumables in the kitchen frees up plenty of room for cookware and crockery and minimises the potential for mess and clutter as well!

We really do have a soft spot for these clever larders that make such easy work of keeping your kitchen organised and they don't even have to look too modern, as you can opt for a painted finish that is reminiscent of country kitchens, as seen here.

Best of both worlds

Traditional and contemporary styling have combined in this living room to create a space that is as cosy as it is light and as welcoming as it is stylish. Whoever says that old and new styles can't combine easily is absolutely wrong, as we can clearly see a glass wall and antique tea chest happily cohabiting here, while pulling the dark grey from the kitchen through in the form of the built-in cupboard.

We don't think you should have to choose between two styles that you love equally, so much like the clients here, try to combine them together and see if you can create a harmonious living space that pleases everyone!

Detailed work

If you do purchase a heritage property with the intention of redecorating it, we think it's only fair that you try to identify and restore some of the features that would have originally been in place. Not only will this help to keep the heritage of your home alive, it will be a wonderful talking point for guests! These ornate extra deep skirting panels, though reproduction, really do add a sense of character to the hallway and help to remind us that although the house has a lot of modern touches and new installations, it also had some fabulous features of its own that are worth remembering.

If a cottage in the country appeals to you, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 Inspirational Modern Rural Homes. We just know you'll love the juxtaposition of modern and rustic elements!

Were you surprised by how modern this cottage was on the inside? Tell us how you would have decorated!

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