The Stonework Cottage That Loves Entertaining

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A fabulous and deceptively large property, this super home almost looks to be a terrace of smaller houses all joined up, but in reality it is just one enormous house! When you know this, the size and stature really is impressive, but it's the extra additions that can be found to the rear that really set this terrific stone home apart from so many other projects.

How many houses can you say have a heritage look but include a social cooking zone in the back garden, while also enjoying an enormous conservatory and a totally independent workshop kitchen? We bet you could name a few until that last detail!

Come with us as we take a closer look at one of the most impressive homes we have ever seen.

A grand frontage

You'd be forgiven for looking at this beautiful house and thinking it was in fact a few neighbouring properties, but no, this is all one enormous home, completed in a traditional farmhouse style and we absolutely love it! The locally sourced blue-grey stones are the perfect companion to natural slate roof tiles and with piquant white being used on the exterior wood, we think the overall first impression is simply stunning.

CCD Architects have really created a home that has an old world charm with contemporary glamour and if these exterior details are anything to go by, then the rest of the house will be truly extraordinary.

Picture perfect

Nothing quite settles a rural home into its surroundings like a mature garden full of life and colour and this front space is absolutely lovely. With well trimmed and maintained box hedge creating designated beds, lots of little topiary treats have also been included and bring a sense of fun to the front of the property.

It really is the small details that can make all the difference and we think that the vibrant green foliage, contrasting against the blue-grey stonework, looks absolutely delightful and we can imagine that when playing host to a flock of curious butterflies, this must be one of the most picturesque homes in the UK.

A surprising addition

As we travel round to the back of this lovely home, we begin to get a feel for exactly how out of this world the design is, as one of the largest conservatories we have ever seen is happily connected to the rear portion of the house. Though we really can't judge the scale of the addition from here, what we can see is that that styling is second to none, with lovely arched wood panelling and pristine white render working together to create a very special and beautifully old fashioned room.

We think we need to see this from another angle!

The WOW factor

Now this really is the most incredible conservatory, isn't it? Even if you are not usually a fan of sun room additions, you have to admit that this one is something rather special and worthy of more than just a second look! The size of it, if nothing else, is simply amazing!

Thanks to a sympathetic and considered design, it doesn't appear ostentatious or over the top, in fact, this lovely add on actually looks as though it belongs and has always been here. Who knows, maybe it's the house that is the new addition and this has long been in situ!

Gather round

We did say that this house ad been perfectly designed for social gatherings and here is the proof; a fabulous outdoor seating area and a workshop kitchen! We know it's a bit on the extravagant side, but if we had room for a totally independent kitchen block in our garden, we know we'd be tempted to build one!

An added bonus of this al fresco party zone is that on an evening, when everyone has gone home, the kitchen is the perfect location for storing the patio furniture to prevent it from getting left out in the rain, though we don't know that we would ever want to go indoors again, especially when those chairs look so comfortable!

Save the best for last

Here is the crowing glory of the amazing garden that this stonework masterpiece of a house enjoys; an absolutely incredible al fresco cooking deck. Whether you fancy a wood fired pizza, a perfectly grilled steak or simply want to toast some marshmallows, this built-in cooking zone can accommodate you. With so many fantastic outside innovations, there seems little point in ever going into the main house, but we do like that every addition has been built using the same natural materials, so as to make this fortress the most cohesive home possible.

Are you always looking to increase the social nature of your outdoor space? Take a look at this Ideabook: The Home Garden Party Extension. We think you might be tempted to create a little party annexe all of your own!

Are you blown away by how amazing the garden additions are here? Which would you most like for your own home?
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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