6 inspiring timber floor designs

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Timber flooring is definitely the workhorse of a busy home. Not only does timber offer exquisite style and elegance, it is a timeless and age-defiant choice that suits heritage properties, as well as contemporary residences. Timber is perfect for a family or a hectic household, not only is it easy to clean and care for, but when maintained correctly, can last over 100 years. Timber oozes character, through its warm tones, and soft pliable aesthetic, wooden flooring offers a host of different options. As there are many different styles, hues, designs, and patterns, it can be difficult knowing where to begin when choosing a timber floor for your home. 

Today on homify we are looking at a range of different timber floors that each impart their own flair and ambience. For some inspiration and exciting interior examples, check out the images below, and consider timber for your domestic space.

Herringbone hardwood

The first design we are taking a look at today is from Holland and Green and is a herringbone patterned hardwood in a light timber hue. The beauty of this flooring is its modern take on a heritage style. Herringbone has been seen for centuries as a parquet floor, and this has been pleasantly updated with a larger size board, and an extremely light hue timber. Throughout this room, the furnishings and décor coordinate wonderfully with the timber as well. The Persian style rug contrasts the modernity, whilst the mid-century chair imparts a bright statement, and a classic element of style.

Rustic unfinished boards

For a moodier and more mysterious look, this unfinished rustic timber board is the answer. Replete with a dark stain and a wide grain, this timber floor would be perfect in a rustic country home, as well as a modern or contemporary dwelling. The raw finish of the timber is one of its most stunning elements, it feels worn and full of character, whilst providing a sense of charm and nonchalance into the space.

Rich polished mahogany

On the other end of the scale is this glossy and polished dark mahogany floorboard. With a slightly rough finish to ensure you can see the individual boards, this flooring is full of character and imparts an ambience of intelligence and astuteness. Again, this floorboard works in a contemporary dwelling, as seen here, or alternatively would work beautifully in a heritage or traditional dwelling, paired with white walls, and antique rugs.

Painted white

One trend we are seeing more and more of is painted floorboard. Just a few decades ago people would have thought it crazy to paint your timeless hardwood floors with bright white paint, but these days it is a sign of fashion, flair and panache. Show off your interior design nous, and consider a colour palette of all-white. This example is a wonderful demonstration of how the floorboards can add to the overall aesthetic, and create a clean, crisp space.

Light ash chevron

Similar to the aforementioned herringbone pattern, but with one key difference, this light ash hued floor is a brilliant and modern alternative to the warm timber tones of yesteryear. The difference in this design is the way the boards overlap with each other. A herringbone floor overlaps each board creating a weave pattern, while the chevron does not. This allows the flooring to take on a stripe-like style from a distance and can add to the overall charm of the space.

Timeless beechwood toned timber

Finally, the timeless beechwood toned timber floorboard. Used extensively in Scandinavian design, this simple, versatile, and practical shade offers a sense of warmth, without crowding your domestic space. In addition, the light timber can be brilliantly contrasted with other timber tones, and is one of the most versatile options when decorating, as it can suit a range of different aesthetics and styles.

Which is your favourite type of domestic flooring? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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