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Cool bedrooms for teens and pre-teens

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The years pass, life changes and along with it so do the standards, references, knowledge and maturity. These changes come in the life of a person who goes through many different phases as s/he meets with their own development but also in the aesthetic universes of fashion and décor. Thus, we can say that the typical teen rooms of the 80s were very different from the teenage bedroom of now.

It is clear that individuality counts a lot for customising a space, even at such a transitional age, but parents will always be responsible for creating the base of their children’s bedroom, which will encourage them to become better people as they grow up… even though in the turbulent life of a teen it seems unlikely!  We are formed by our memories, whether emotional or visual. 

In the first awakening to adulthood, the amount of information we receive is so broad that it might even be the period with the most accumulated memories. To celebrate this emblematic period of an individual’s life, we have searched some guides for young people's bedrooms.

Rock n' Roll

If your child is a music lover, just check out this wonderful project, created by architect Nicholas Achilles Kílaris! The shades of grey, black and white blend together, generating a special super harmony throughout the room. The guitars hanging on the walls are connected with the wall sticker, which adds the finishing touch to the super modern room, ensuring it's ready for your son or daughter to enjoy fun times.


Blue never goes out of style. In this example, blue dominates and gives life to the super modern room. The colourful decorative details contrast with the pale blue, making it more dynamic. Blue is also one of the most best colours to be used in bedrooms due to its relaxing properties.

To learn more about this, check out: Matching Bedroom Colour To Your Child's Personality!


Here we have a room that is little more childish but still worthy of transition between childhood and pre-teens. The wallpaper is the highlight of the room, which even though is not especially vibrant,  brings a special touch of colour to the room.


The above bedroom is a great example of a modern composition, mixing clean and vibrant elements in its interior design. The white and blue hues create a perfect harmony and decorative elements give a finishing touch to the super creative teen bedroom.

Modern II

Another example of a super modern room for young people. In this image childish elements are no longer arranged in the space, which makes it great for the transition between pre-teens and teens. The cool colours are very well laid out and generate calm harmony.

Writing desk

Every bedroom for young people must adapt its space to accommodate a desk or table that is important to provide support for creativity and the school duties teens have. Ideally it will be a multifunctional desk that comprises a number of compartments, drawers and shelves, thus making it ideal for storing objects and displaying decorative items.


The artisan touches that are inserted into the décor of this room are beautiful! Both the quilt and headboard are worthy of creating a unique teen bedroom. The colours are also a great choice.

Are you planning on redesigning your child's bedroom this year? Did any of our ideas inspire you? Let us know in the comments!

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