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Brilliant home work spaces for freelancers

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In the current era there is an abundance of freelance work. It's normal, therefore, that the number of households containing some kind of office has increased significantly over recent years. By an office we mean a space that contains everything one needs to carry out their respective duties of a freelancer, such as computer, desk, chair, storage and so on.

In principle, putting a home office together may seem a simple task but the truth is, the mission may be trickier than it first appears. It is important to keep a few things in mind before you start preparing your future home office, namely: selecting the best location inside your home, acquiring suitable furniture and decorating the new space accordingly.

Here we'll discuss the possibilities of a home office and how to successfully pave the way for your new ideal workspace. Take notes!

Garden office

This option makes the home office a unique experience! Many homes have some degree of spare room in the garden so how about putting your working space amongst the plants and animals? In doing so, you'll be more connected to nature and have plenty of privacy so you won't disturb your significant other tapping away on your keyboard late at night! The ideal choice for workaholics.

A special room

If you work from home and have a free room available, don’t think twice and turn it into your office! No matter how big it is, it will be a great advantage to have your workplace in a space that feels separated from the house. You'll be better able to concentrate and tailor your work schedules around your domestic routine. No more packing up all your work things from the dinner table when it's time to eat! 

Living room office

Having your office in the living room is an interesting possibility but must be carefully considered. As your living room is supposed to primarily be a place of relaxation, the trick is to define the different areas and not allow any overlap. There are many ways to do this, such as fold away desks and room dividers.

Dining office

The dining room is usually one of the best lit areas in the house, which is why many people opt to use it as a makeshift office. What's important to consider is how to prepare the space in a way so the hours working in the space aren't detrimental to your health. For example, your dining room chairs are probably not going to be ergonomically sympathetic, which can cause back pain and muscle aches. Remedy the situation with the use of cushions and adjusting the furniture to best meet your needs.

Bedroom office

Perhaps the least desirable place to establish your office is the bedroom. But the truth is that many prefer to have a desk in this section of the house because it allows most privacy.  If you are set to make your bedroom an office space, make sure to get a suitable desk and chair. The worst thing you can do is work from the bed. Your posture will be affected and the bed will lose its important function as a relaxing and soothing escape.

Flexible office

A flexible office space offers freedom and should transform an ordinary space into somewhere you love to work. The image above is a great example of this philosophy, with the mezzanine providing a great workspace.  It doesn't restrict free movement around the home and keeps the work zone separate from both the dining and living rooms. How can you not love it?

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Do you work from home? Where is your workspace? We'd love to know in the comments!

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