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The Social Butterfly House

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Floret Arquitectura Modern houses
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Here at homify, we love seeing older houses revitalised in amazing ways to suit the every changing needs of a modern household. Though it may feel daunting to alter a home that has so much history and character, we are firm believers that with the right guidance and know how, any house can become the perfect home. 

That’s why today we are devoting some time to showcase a home that's been modernised in an intriguing way. The clever minds at Floret Arquitectura have completely altered the look and function of a terrace home. No longer does the home suffer from depressingly dark and gloomy rooms; but now they are places where the family and their guests want to spend time. Come see…  

A welcoming home

Standing in a row of charming old terraces is the home in the spotlight. We can see the façade has been lovingly restored with a fresh coat of paint. The sky blue colour brings out the best in the quaint heritage features. We're drawn to the welcoming entrance made for us.

A contemporary exterior and living space

We move straight to the rear of the property where we can see the home takes on a contrasting outlook. The new look exterior expresses itself in a contemporary style. Modern finishes have been embraced with unique timber panelling wrapping around the surface.

Completely reinvented, the home gives the owners greater access to the new decking and garden and far more liveable spaces, both indoor and out. Bi-folding doors have been chosen to open up the internal spaces with the outdoors, creating one huge living space. 

A different sleeping situation

This is one of the bedrooms found inside. Check out the cool custom designed bed and storage unit that has been built into one of the walls. Though not the desired look for everyone, it's hard not to appreciate the different aesthetic created by the plywood cladding. The crisp white walls provide a perfect backdrop for those sleeping here to create their own décor style over time. 

The master

Those in the master bedroom are blessed with a gorgeous setting that evokes a sense of calmness. Drawing our attention immediately is the beautiful stone wall that have been left exposed for all to admire. This and other heritage features are highlighted by a monochrome scheme. 

An open display

Many households have things that they would like to display but nowhere to showcase them. An ingenious idea from Floret Arquitectura was to create a display wall parallel to the staircase. In most houses this space is completely under-utilised, but not here. All the family's cherished belongings can be displayed in one of the most amazing ways possible. Did you notice that each of the shelves has its own spotlight?

Closed off from the world

Accessed via a discreet door is a private balcony. Did you notice how each of the windows has its own shutter? When every one of these shutters is closed the home can appear to be completely shut off from the rest of the world. The blank exterior becomes devoid of any details or features, resulting in a powerful outlook for the home.

Fun times in the sun

A surprising feature of the home is how generous in size the outdoor space is; a rarity in old terraces. This type of decking set up is often referred to as the second living room since the indoor and outdoor spaces feel like one area. This outdoor set up is perfect for hosting friends for a catch up over a light meal and drinks, or we can even imagine it being used to host bigger celebrations. 

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What did you think of the amazing staircase? Have you seen one cooler? Let us know in the comments!

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