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Before & after: a bare flat is utterly transformed

Leigh Leigh
Karin Armbrust - Home Staging
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An empty apartment is like a blank canvas. It is also the dream of any decorator! Being able to take a space full of potential and turn it into something magical is very rewarding.

This is why so many home staging experts are so valued. Think about exploring a house that is devoid of character and empty of everything. You may not want to buy it! But by employing some home staging techniques, you can make a home feel cozy, warm and elegant.

This is why today's classic project, by home staging expert Karin Armbrust is so exciting. We will see an empty apartment transform into a dream home right before our eyes!

Let's take a look…

Before: The living room

Like we said in the beginning—blank canvas!

This apartment had been previously renovated and is thus very clean, simple and modern. The choice of white is very popular, because it creates the feeling of space and is a great starting point for any decor. It allows the future owners to really use their imagination.

The floating wooden floor works in harmony with the white walls and ceiling, while the kitchen features a very simple and minimalist look.

After: The living room

In order to give the home a feeling of warmth, this home staging expert has chosen an unpretentious style where comfort is evident in every detail. The materials and textures are natural with a very discreet rustic style.

The chromatic palette is very neutral with beige and brown tones dominating. The presence of wool blankets and cushions make for a very comfortable atmosphere. Don't you just want to cuddle on the couch?

Before: Open spaces

The apartment naturally receives plenty of sunlight through the generous glazed windows. This adds value to any home and can be a determining factor in a sale. 

But of course, this should be highlighted…

After: Multi-functional

The natural light has been used very well to give more life to the various functionalities of the house, namely the dining area.

The open space, which houses the kitchen, dining room and living room, benefits from the natural light while the decor enhances it. 

The brown tones of the wood and the white walls work in harmony with the pastel textiles and accessories.

Before: The dining room and the kitchen

Simply a spacious area with beautiful views of the city… let's see what it becomes…

You won't believe what this space looks like after…

After: The kitchen in an open space

It is simply spectacular! The gentle, unpretentious rustic style perpetuates itself in the dining area thanks to the wooden table and benches in the same material. Doesn't it remind you of a picnic table in a park?

Even the crockery is simple and practical, making us feel right at home.

A closer look

Here we can see how all of the areas of the home work together. The kitchen appliances have been carefully selected, reinforcing that feeling of an inhabited space.

Before: Empty room

An empty cube or a simple room? Both! This space is in need of love and care…

After: Very stylish

This bedroom features a very sober style that is comfortable and cozy all at the same time. The tones are similar to the ones that we found in the living area, while gray dominates. 

The most bed is undoubtedly the focal point of the room, while the mannequin introduces a retro style. The laundry basket and the books add personalty to the environment.

Neutral colors are always welcome and appeal to many people. It is the obvious choice when it comes to renovating a space that is meant to be sold. But what do you do to cheer and personalize it? Let's see…

After: Bathroom

With space, color and accessories.

For a space to gain soul it has to reflect the people who live there. Decor accessories such as mirrors, vases, a rug, a laundry basket or even air freshener should reveal the personalities of the inhabitants. 

The home staging has made this home feel like it is lived in daily!

After: A space to relax

Two sun loungers and a small table are sufficient for an empty terrace, transforming it into a place of relaxation. Whether you want to sit here watching the sunset with a glass of wine or read a good book with a mug of coffee, this environment offers a pleasurable space!

A terrace is one of those areas of the home that holds all sorts of potential. 

Have a look at this article to see what we mean: Before and After: 5 Balconies Renovated.

Are you impressed with this before and after?

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