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Welcoming a client into your salon for the first time says a lot about the service you offer—first impressions count! Therefore, the salon decor you choose should be representative of your brand and business. A crowded, poorly planned salon will likely convey the same image about your product and services to your clientele, so it's important that you put your best foot forward from the get go and carefully think about and plan your salon decor well before you open the doors!

There are a myriad of different styles you can choose from for your salon decor—from modern to eclectic, so long as the theme matches your personality and your business, you'll be good to go. Before you dive head first, be sure to clearly identify the answers to the following questions in relation to your new salon decor:

- How much am I willing to spend?

- What sort of time frame do I have to work with?

- Is the job small enough to be completed DIY, or do I need to enlist the help of an interior designer? and;

- What theme am I going for and does it reflect my business?

To help you through the seemingly painful process, we've put together an ideabook with a range of different salon decor ideas. Here, you will hopefully find all the inspiration and tips you need to execute the salon decor of your dreams!

1. Elegant salon decor

Shoreditch Hair Salon:  Commercial Spaces by Maklin & Macrae
Maklin & Macrae

Shoreditch Hair Salon

Maklin & Macrae

Timeless and elegant are some of the adjectives that come to mind when we look at this first example of salon decor by Samantha Watkins McRae Interiors & Styling. Jones&Payne invited the designer to complete the refurbishment of their flagship Shoreditch salon. The brief was to retain elements of the existing English heritage interiors and combine them with an edgy, urban vibe. Industrial elements can be seen here too, as evidenced in the bronzed hun metal pendants which have been played off elegantly against the ornate gilded edged mirrors. A truly beautiful example of salon decor.

2. Glamorous salon decor

Detail Design Studio Limited completed the ultra cool salon decor for The Shed Hair and Beauty. Mixing vintage elements like the crystal ceiling and wall chandeliers, with robust black leather armchairs creates a unique look that has been tailored specifically to this client. The timber bench top is yet another standout feature, in its raw and most stripped back form, playing off against the more polished elements in the space. It is evident from the style of salon decor that the clientele here will emerge feeling glamorous.

3. Asian style salon decor

Stephanie Coutas's projects: modern Spa by Stephanie Coutas
Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas's projects

Stephanie Coutas

Whether you specialise in hair, nails or skin, Asian style salon decor is a welcomed choice thanks to the serene and calming feelings it evokes. Reminiscent of a Balinese spa, the melange of white and natural textures makes us feel relaxed just by looking at the image. Credit to Stephanie Coutas, who in this scene has created an oasis of respite and peacefulness for the lucky clients.

4. Retro style salon decor

If you are lucky enough to have an at-home salon, you may as well go all out with the design. This stellar choice of salon decor by Fisher ID has a certain retro charm thanks to the magenta floating shelving units and reptile skin armchair. When beauty needs are calling, it is important for the client, even if they are in the comfort of their own home, to feel relaxed and at ease. This is definitely the case in this example, with the lucky occupant of this home able to emerge feeling like a celebrity every day of the week.

5. Minimalist style salon decor

For those devoted to minimalism, this salon from Musk Collective is a must-see before you decide on the theme of your salon decor. Void of too many details, yet not in the slightest way banal, this example truly shows that less is more. Stripped back to the basics and paying attention to lighting and spatial awareness, this salon is an elegant and sleek example of how far you can take minimalism into your salon decor.

6. Storage in the salon

Furthermore, no devotee to minimalism would go without thinking about storage. Storage is an important element in your salon decor as it prevents your space from being cluttered and messy—two adjectives that should never be used to describe your business! We love how the bends of the wooden shelving units have a sculptural, origami like design, inviting our eye to follow around the length of the room. After all, if you have a beautiful range of products to show off, it is essential to display them in their best light!

7. Rustic style salon decor

 Commercial Spaces by Blok Meubel
Blok Meubel

Hair Dresser/ Kapperszaak

Blok Meubel

On the other end of the scale, should you not be a fan of minimalism, rustic salon decor might be the perfect option for you if you like to incorporate wooden elements with leather and other robust, cosy details. The wooden panelling that lines the walls of this salon gives the space an inviting and welcoming tone, inviting us to settle in and enjoy the hours of pampering that will ensue. The tall, silver vases add a bit of glam, completing the overall look and feel of this rustic style salon decor.

8. Modern salon decor

The furniture in this cool, modern space has been completed by German furniture firm Edictum. Falling somewhere between rustic and modern, the sleek nature of the design in conjunction with the exposed rawness of the timber creates an enchanting and inviting appeal. Perhaps paying homage to the luscious greenery that we can see outside the window, the wooden elements complete the setting. A great example of modern salon decor that is sure to transcend many decades.

9. Modern wash basins

Looking into the area where the wash basins are housed, Edictum have completed the other wooden elements in this space also. We love how the robust black armchairs play off against the sturdy wooden elements, and despite their differences, it is quite obvious that these shapes and textures work in perfect harmony together. The brief from this particular client was to merge functionality and aesthetically pleasing elements together, adapting to the way the staff work, rather than the other way around. The counter has been treated with a satin varnish and the bank and stools treated with hard wax oil.

10. Eclectic salon decor

 Commercial Spaces by EINRAUMKONZEPT

Empfang / Schneiden


A mix of exposed concrete and industrial elements are present in this final example of salon decor, giving off an eclectic charm that mixes a variety of different styles together to great effect. The row of lights allow full visibility to both the clients and staff, meaning not a single hair will be out of place. Lighting is an important feature in salon decor because even though you'd like to have your space feel atmospheric and ambient, it is essential for staff to be able to see what they're doing—or in this instance—where they are cutting!

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What is your favourite theme of salon decor from this ideabook? Let us know in the comments section below.
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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