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11 modern decor ideas from one swish London home

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Kensington Court, London Modern living room by Hampstead Design Hub Modern
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Some homes just seem to have it all, don't they? This one is certainly no exception to the rule, with a medley of utterly spectacular contemporary design touches that have contributed to an overall enthralling aesthetic. The interior designer that curated this impressive home clearly had an amazing vision of how to give traditional ideas a vividly modern twist and the finished product is a property that looks to be totally timeless and undeniably chic. Come with us now as we show you some of our favourite featured décor techniques and see if you might be tempted to use them to good effect in your home!

1. Geometric luxury rugs.

Geometric shapes are hugely popular right now and we don't think there are many better ways to display them than in your textiles! A luxurious deep-pile geometric rug is absolutely a striking centrepiece for any contemporary room and can really dictate the feel of the wider space, not to mention the layout as well.

2. Symmetrical alcove décor.

Look how well these alcove displays match! The same tables and lamps and strikingly similar paintings are in place and create something of an optical illusion! What's really interesting is that this used to be a tried and tested décor style, but it hasn't been used in a while, making this contemporary renaissance even more exciting!

3. Matching modern sofas.

We are seeing more and more people buying totally matching smaller sofas and positioning them in a sociable face-to-face layout, as appose to a large sofa and multiple smaller matching chairs all being pointed at a television. We have to say that we are loving this penchant for conversation over distraction!

4. Contemporary built-in appliances.

Integrated kitchen appliances aren't a new thing, but take a look at this fridge and you'll see what we're talking about! Masterfully housed in a gorgeous standalone cabinet, the fridge looks both built-in and like a main focal point. We might also have to draw attention to the island wine rack too! So handy and seamless.

5. Kitchen skylights.

So many people are still trying a layered approach to kitchen lighting, but for a truly modern look, you need to consider skylights! Drenching the space in a constant stream of dazzling sunlight, we think this is such a lovely idea and must save money on electric lighting!

6. Hybrid built-in storage.

This wall storage is simply fascinating! Had it been fully finished with sleek doors, it would have been such a subtle installation, but with a few open cubby holes, it really draws attention to itself and offers easy display functionality as well. How modern, to draw attention to your built-in cabinets!

7. No curtains.

Curtains are so last year! We're joking, of course, but this home has taken a very modern approach to bedroom décor by negating drapes altogether. Shutters give you all the privacy you need, but in a neater, less fussy way, which we are really enjoying.

8. Portable toiletry holders.

What an unusual addition to a bathroom! The portable toiletries holder is a stroke of genius, as it leaves a tidy aesthetic when not in use, but can be within arm's reach when you're relaxing in the tub. That's a contemporary improvement on the bath-top caddies that always seem to get a little worse for wear!

9. Floating bathroom storage.

Bathroom storage cabinets have been around for a long time, but we are seeing a serious uptake in the contemporary floating styles that you can admire here! Mirrored doors make for a funky type of camouflage and the floor is left relatively uncluttered! Genius!

10. LED shower lighting.

Gone are the days when you had to shower in the dark, as in-cubicle LED lighting has come on in leaps and bounds. You could take inspiration from this beautiful installation, but maybe personalise it a little and opt for a colour-changing version? How fun for kids (and adults!).

11. Barely there towel rails.

Have you noticed how skinny and unobtrusive heated towel rails have become in recent years? We are loving the trend for sleek, contemporary and slimline rails, such as this fabulous one! Improved manufacturing techniques mean that even the small versions will still get your towels toasty and fluffy, just without sacrificing all of your wall space for the privilege!

For a little more contemporary inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Contemporary ideas to make a wall POP!

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