5 ingenious ideas to try for your house

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Houses can be designed in such a way that the main areas like the living and dining rooms are located on the upper level. The bottom or the ground floor becomes a canvas of possibilities because of its vacant space and immediate attachment to the garden. So just what can you do with this latter area? Well, homify gained access to different houses and found these five interesting ones which you can take note of and apply to your own sweet home.

1. Home bar

For your entertainment and leisurely satisfaction, a bar on the ground level can be the answer. This house in Brazil, for example, prioritizes accommodating guests and family members alike with its semi-open bar nestled beneath a balconied second floor. The spot also gets the benefit of a fresh natural background because of the lush environment. You may not even have to encompass an entire bottom level just like how this design interlocks the covered garage with the bar area.

A closer look at the bar reveals the use of wood, bricks, and marble that evoke a sense of class and sophistication in spite of its laidback atmosphere. The visible wooden beams here also doubled as support for hanging plants in the same way as the walll-mounted shelf holds adornments. And what's a bar without the counter and bar stools? This area has got it all covered.

2. Multi-functional garage

In Bangkok, Thailand lies this high-ceiling garage which serves not just as a protection from differences in weather condition but also as a captivating contemporary design because it complements the boxy look of the facade. To tone down the sharp edges, the architects used a neutral color palette that makes the home look modern chic! So with this high-ceiling, you can pretty much host a garage party.

3. Tropical paradise

Turn your home into a resort by creating a tropical haven beneath it. This house has got the seriousness of a business executive with its precocious wood and glass upper level and the free-spiritedness of a beach lover with the tropical plants surrounding the lanai at the bottom. There's even a sturdy and spacious wood and metal staircase that connects these two areas. So take a break from work or household duties by just stepping down at the lanai  where it's a tropical paradise.

4. Pool getaway

If you want to step a notch higher, this alternate tropical design would suit you because of its complete lounge chair and pool combination. What's also interesting is that this layout maximizes space while still looking breathtakingly blissful. Notice the stone wall serving as barrier for privacy and how tropical plants encroach the surroundings. Doesn't it make you want to dip by the water and stretch your arms by the poolside?

Here's a zoom into the terrace with polished wooden flooring and textured stone wall with visible wooden beams. The furnishings used here are also neutral and resort-styled. At night, the place will glow with a soft yellow because of the wall-mounted lights.

5. Disaster-proof

Designing your house with the location in mind is advantageous because you could preempt damages to your property and prevent them from happening. One such design that you can consider especially in flood-prone areas is an elevated one. This house stands on solid wood and concrete foundations and can be accessed through a wooden staircase adjoining a wooden foot path. This style also overlooks lower areas so you prepare for anything like rainfall or even guests coming from afar, of course this is under the assumption that your windows overlook the road.

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