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5 decorating blunders that bring bad luck to your home

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We wouldn't necessarily class ourselves as particularly superstitious, but did you know that some interior designers are, and that they consider certain design touches as serious no-nos for clients that don't want to find themselves at the mercy of bad luck? Essentially, this could be seen as an extension of Feng Shui-type principles, and with that in mind, you should feel free to take these with a pinch of salt! But just for fun, let's take a look and see if you have fallen prey to any of these bad juju aesthetics!

1. A mirror opposite the bed.

Master Bedroom Entrance with Mirror Classic style bedroom by Luke Cartledge Photography Classic
Luke Cartledge Photography

Master Bedroom Entrance with Mirror

Luke Cartledge Photography

Your bedroom should be a harmonious space, but some people believe that a mirror, placed directly opposite the bed, can draw relationship problems! Why risk it, when you can just move your mirror to the side, as seen here? Relationship drama? URGH!

2. A black front door.

Well this is a shame, as we ADORE black front doors. They look so authoritative, but according to Feng Shui principles, a black door could allow bad luck into your home, unless it definitely faces north. So you might still be able to have a stylish black door, depending on how your house has been constructed! SHUDDER!

3. Thorny plants.

Apparently, sharp and jagged objects are thought to be bringers of bad luck, so if you're looking to attract good energy into your home, thorny plants, such as cacti, are not the best bet! You might be better having them outside and sticking to leafy additions indoors. YOWCH!

4. Hanging a calendar in the wrong place.

Now this one is a little kooky, but we can kind of see ourselves getting a little obsessed with the notion of a calendar being hung in the wrong place bringing bad luck. Apparently, your front door is absolutely the worst location as it offers a reminder of life passing by and could limit your mortality! YIKES!

5. A shipwreck painting.

A Ship in Port is Safe But... Scandinavian style study/office by Pixers Scandinavian

A Ship in Port is Safe But…


Ok, so we couldn't find a picture of a shipwreck, but we think this decal proves our point nonetheless! If you feel as though you are somewhat jinxed and plagued by adverse luck and you have an image of a shipwreck in your home, you might like to consider removing it. A sign of distress, it could be making you act in a negative way that will draw bad energy to you! ARGH!

If you like a little superstitious and spiritual inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Feng Shui tricks for the home.

Are you going to change anything in your home, to see if it has a positive impact on you?
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