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One thing that the people of Melbourne, Australia, are particularly proud of is their coffee. For those who've had the pleasure of visiting Melbourne, most would have experienced the café culture that's ingrained into the psych of every Melbournian. You'll find café's everywhere; from inside its famous inner city laneways, in disused warehouses, or in tiny hole-in-the wall-shops. No matter where you are in the city, there's always a place to grab a quick coffee.  

Today on homify, we take a tour of the newest, and arguably the most unique café in Melbourne. Keep reading to find out where it is located…

No holds barred

The hippest new place to buy a coffee in Melbourne is at Pentridge prison. The recently decommissioned prison forms as a part of an urban renewal project which includes a village being created in the old prison building and its surrounding grounds. 

One of the new uses inside the old prison building is the aptly named Jury café. It's an interior that plays off the rawness of its prison setting with a décor consisting concrete finishes for the walls, unfinished timbers, and industrial style fittings. 

Coffee and cakes

There's no need for those inside Pentridge prison to undertake a prison break for a good coffee now. Here they'll find freshly roasted coffee along with an assortment of cakes and light meals that will satisfy all their taste buds desires. 

Relax and enjoy

The interior designers have selected a colour pallet consisting of black and white, and accentuated pastels, which gives the café its own unique style. Nature is present by the form of creeper plants that are growing out of various planter boxes and throughout the rooms timber framing.

The Jury's out

Behind the coffee bar there's an LED lit Jury sign that's the focal point within the café. While below, like a row of jury members, there's an assortment of packeted coffee beans sourced from all over the world, offering patrons a diverse assortment of flavour profiles to choose from. 

Before seeing inside the café, it's safe to say that few would believe that the infamous Pentridge prison could be transformed into such a comfortable and enjoyable setting. It's a space that puts people at ease and welcomes those inside to strike up a conversation with strangers. But remember, though the staff here may be friendly, don't think you can get any of the baristas coffee secrets, they have them on lockdown!

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