This shabby shack gets a shockingly good makeover

Leigh Leigh
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With older homes, they often tend to get neglected. We forget how much potential there is! Because we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

Today, we are going to show you exactly what we mean in an incredible project from architects Scheriau-Architektur. These designers have managed to transform an old and outdated single-storey house into a modern haven! This metamorphosis is a stunning example of how much potential old homes hold as well as how you can achieve incredible results with a little bit of creativity and innovation.

Follow us on a journey through the restoration and see how fabulous the results are!

1. Original state

Before the transformation, we can see that the home is very small. It features a dull design that dates back to the seventies and a roof that is in very poor condition.

The facade is dominated by vines, making this home look abandoned!

2. Original rear facade

The rear facade is an even worse state. The lack of wall plaster makes the entire space feel shabby and unkempt. The garden has also been neglected, with shrubs and weeds growing out of control. The home is in need of intervention!

3. First signs of improvement

The clearing of land, demolition of walls and cleaning out of the old home is what we see in this image. These kind of preparations are very important so that the home can be renovated for a fresh appearance. 

The original structure was kept intact as much as possible however, forming the foundation for the new project.

4. Completely new and transformed house

Can you believe that this is the same house that we saw in the previous photographs? This metamorphosis has surpassed all expectations!

The clean lines and smooth colours makes this home stand out in the neighborhood. The modern design is very attractive, yet it is very simple.

5. Garden with charm

The garden has also been completely transformed, just like the building. It's hard to believe that we are looking at the same yard!

The newly created garden features a pond and a wooden terrace, which allows for the family to really enjoy nature and the surrounding greenery. The area is furnished with chairs and a table.

This is a huge change!

6. Privacy control

The fact that the house opens up onto the garden means that it can attract prying eyes! This is why the architects have put together gorgeous grey blinds, which can be closed for privacy and security.

It also gives the home shade!

7. Enviable view

From the living room, there is a splendid view of the pond. This works flawlessly with the minimalist interior design of the home. 

The result is a small paradise on earthy, in a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

8. Maximum use of space

The new interior was equipped with modern, simple and warm furniture. Every square inch has been utilized!

The personality and character is strong throughout the design, while the carpet adds warmth and coziness.

9. Original bathroom with classic elements

This bathroom surprises us with its design! The yellow furniture contrasts sharply with the neutral tones. Another element that grabs your attention immediately is the hanging chandelier in the middle of the room. This gives the bathroom a unique character. 

The eclectic elements of the modern bathroom are classic yet rustic all at the same time.

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