The 12 best places to hide your money at home

Leigh Leigh
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Some of us don't like to put all our savings into the bank. Whether it's due to the threat of cyber-crime or just feeling safer having our money close by, there are plenty of benefits to keeping some of our money tucked in our homes in case of an emergency.

But where on earth do you keep it? We need to find hiding places that won't be obvious to a burglar. We also need to make sure that once we hide it, we can find it again!

This is why today at homify, we've put together 12 of the best places to hide your money in your home. You'll feel very stealthy after reading these tips!

1. In the fridge

You can hide your money in an airtight bag in the fridge. The idea is to put it in the back of the refrigerator in a large Tupperware box or old plastic ice box so it is not visible to anyone who opens up the fridge.

Talk about freezing your assets…

2. In the sock drawer

While it's not always a good idea to store money in your wardrobe in the bedroom, we must remember that a thief may not bother going through your entire sock drawer.

Store a stack of banknotes in a sock at the back of the drawer, making it hard to find. You may also want to divide your money between a few socks. 

Another way to mitigate risk is to find different places to hide your money so that it's not all in one place.

3. In a double ceiling in your pet's home

When you have a pet, your pet's cage can be a great place to hide some cash. Tape an envelope to the ceiling with your money inside. Or you can create a double ceiling and store your precious savings in there.

4. In a pot plant

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Bury your banknotes in an airtight bag in a pot plant. You just need to make sure that the bag is waterproof!

You can also keep an envelope in a glass jar of pasta, keeping it hidden!

5. In the middle of a book

Choose a book that you never read and cut a whole in the middle, creating a little box for money. Place it in your bookshelf for a very inconspicuous hiding place.

6. Another corner in your kitchen

The kitchen holds all sorts of corners that you can be used to hide your savings. In addition to the fridge, you can also hide your money in the vegetable drawer. Hide them in the basket of onions or potatoes!

7. In a shoe

Like socks, shoes are an easy place to hide money. Opt for shoes that you don't wear often and keep your money underfoot!

8. In the child's bedroom

One of the least tempting rooms for an intruder is that of a child or a baby. This gives you all sorts of spots to hide your money. Place it in a toy, in clothing or in a mobile—you can really get creative.

9. Buried in the garden

If you have sand or stone tiles in your garden, this can be a great place to hide your cash. Place it under the earth, sand or tiles. It should be in a waterproof container and you need to somehow remember where you have buried it!

10. In a sports device

If you have some sports equipment at home, you'll know that many of them have hollow spaces inside or at the bottom. This is the perfect spot for hiding something. If you hide something in an envelope, make sure that it is as small as possible. It should also blend into the color of the machine.

The less obvious, the better!

11. In an empty bottle

A wine rack is also an excellent place to hide some money. Place an empty, clean bottle of wine on the rack and then insert a dark plastic bag with money into it. Place a cork in it and put it back on the wine rank.

12. In the staircase

A false staircase or a spot under the floor can also be great for storing your savings. Choose a discreet section and get to work!

Also have a look at these 9 ways to stop burglars from getting into your home.

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