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Professional team Studio Suit from The Netherlands deserve the credit for our latest homify 360° discovery: a city apartment that completely pulls the rug out from under us as soon as we walk through the front door.

How so? Well, because what looks like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill residential building on the outside gets a super stylish makeover on the inside that enhances both this apartment’s beauty and functionality – and our desire to live there.

Let’s take a look…

The exterior façade

Don’t feel bad if you’re not exactly bowled over by the building’s exterior façade – although it presents quite a neat and clean look (the white walls complement the dark golden hues of the door- and window frames quite nicely, and we do love the potted pretties), it’s not exactly something we’d write home about.

Hold that thought…

A colourful space

What a fantastic change-up! And although we know that a lot of people don’t consider themselves fans of the industrial style, we must say that this particular apartment’s look stole our hearts – how could you not fall in love with that hot-red open-riser metal staircase? Or the wooden dining table? Or the elegant living room furniture in the background?

Perfectly patterned

The bedroom also manages to hold our attention via its commitment to patterns and textures. An exposed brick wall flows into a plaid-patterned floor, while the striped look of the ceiling’s timber beams offset rather fantastically with the bed’s knitted style. 

And what’s that we see underneath the staircase? Cupboards for storage, yai! 

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The roof garden

Now here’s a touch we bet you didn’t expect: the roof space of this apartment building flaunts a picture-perfect garden, complete with potted plants, flowerbeds, wooden pathways and terrace furniture. 

The perfect spot to get some sunshine and fresh air when the weather allows for it!

Let’s check out some more images of this delightful apartment.

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