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10 terrific terrace ideas you REALLY shouldn't miss

Leigh Leigh
Taller Estilo Arquitectura Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
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Does your summer terrace need a new look and feel? Then we are very excited that you've made it to this homify page today!

We've put together 10 wonderful terraces, which are bound to inspire and delight. We'll learn all sorts of tips and tricks from top professionals and even find out how we can make the absolute most of space. There is also something for every taste, which means there is bound to be a terrace that appeals to your unique and individual style. 

Let's have a look at this special collection and see what design would suit our outdoor space!

1. Beautiful terrace with wooden elements

Rear Garden homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

Rear Garden


This wooden terrace is suitable for rustic gardens as well as modern gardens. 

Both the furniture and the surrounding fence is wooden, creating a very warm and simple environment. The wood works in harmony with the stone slabs. 

Tip: Use a good varnish on the wood in your garden so that it doesn't get ruined by adverse weather conditions.

2. A living room in the garden

Anyone who has an outdoor living room can really count themselves lucky! This one even features comfortable sofas, a ceiling fan and a television!

The only trick is to make sure that there are some sliding doors, blinds or a large cover like this one so that the area won't be affected in a thunderstorm.

3. The French bistro setting

Looking to bring some French atmosphere to the terrace? Use some funky chairs to add a Bistro look and feel. A few matching cushions and some cheerful flowers can create a beautiful ambiance. 

4. A mix of materials

Upper Falls Condo 603 Uptic Studios Classic style balcony, veranda & terrace
Uptic Studios

Upper Falls Condo 603

Uptic Studios

If you have garden furniture but you're worried that it doesn't suit the terrace, not to fear! Sometimes an outdoor area can look beautiful with a mix of styles. Add different types of furniture for a homely and cozy environment.

Here we can see how different types of tables and chairs enhance each other, rather than clash.

5. Residential environments that cross borders

In this terrace, interior and exterior areas merge into one another. This is a truly exceptional design. The sliding doors allow for a wonderful flow between the spaces while the awnings ensure that this space doesn't get too hot on summer days.

6. Living space for loungers

This beautiful terrace area is like a dream right? The living space inside opens up onto an exterior space—perfect for those who like to lounge around in the sunshine and fresh air. 

The stone floors give this space a minimalist, clean and simple look while the glass folding doors are very functional and delightful.

7. Classic

Restoration of Edwardian Home with Extensive Additions Blended Seamlessly Des Ewing Residential Architects Rustic style balcony, veranda & terrace
Des Ewing Residential Architects

Restoration of Edwardian Home with Extensive Additions Blended Seamlessly

Des Ewing Residential Architects

This classic Victorian house also features a classic terrace. With wooden furniture, playful plants and a gorgeous sculpture, this is a space that can do no wrong!

A herb garden or a small fountain would also work well in this environment. 

Have a look at these 13 fountains and water features to make your patio look more modern for inspiration!

8. Living space made of concrete

If we are looking for a piece of furniture that is resistant to rain, wind and snow, then invest in concrete. Together with some colorful cushions and plants, this can be a very beautiful living area.

Budget chairs go a long way in an outdoor setting!

9. Modern always works

This contemporary house features a very modern terrace. Here we can see how simple goes a very long way! A few pieces of furniture and some warm wood can make for a perfect spot for the next barbeque!

10. Panoramic views

Three Glens, Dumfries Mark Waghorn Design Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Mark Waghorn Design

Three Glens, Dumfries

Mark Waghorn Design

When you have views like this, you can really make them the focal point of the terrace space. This furniture is perfect for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the surrounds.

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