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Romantic home balcony ideas

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Using a romantic design for your home balcony adds a touch of glamour to your lifestyle. Whether it is positioned in the front room, living-room or bedroom it is another space for you

Commonly described as a Juliette Balcony in the UK, it does not take up much space and is usually enough for one standing person, however in this feature, there are different sized home balconies from different parts of the world that vary in size and proportions.

Aside from its quaint allure, it is also an all year round addition to your property where you can create the outdoor space to complement the seasonal colours. At homify we enjoy delving into the varied design applications within a space using different materials, elements and furnishings that will allow it to thrive and come to life. Here are a few examples:

A balcony projects space and harmony

The home balcony in one's bedroom can be reached through French windows: it offers a simplicity in design and a creation of space that is euphoric. High ceilings further accentuate the space. Having a comfortable reading chair by the doors to catch an evening breeze while reading after a long day, is part of the perfect scene. The subtle creation of space by connecting the veranda to one's bedroom, is a touch of class that can be adjusted to suit different types of rooms.

Adding another dimension to your bedroom

Master Room with French Doors A1 Lofts and Extensions Balconies, verandas & terraces Lighting
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Master Room with French Doors

A1 Lofts and Extensions

The bedroom can take on the extra feeling of amplitude through a home balcony; it allows for the illusion that there is room to move further away from the space. Within the minimum of furniture, using white and light green, the play on natural colourings contributes to the composition of further expanse.

Even when the French windows are closed the room feels spacious and the large double-bed does not overrule the layout. Within these four walls a sense of peace and purity are composed.

Creating a work of art

The Lansdown Balustrade, Ironart of Bath Ironart Ltd Balconies, verandas & terraces Accessories & decoration
Ironart Ltd

The Lansdown Balustrade, Ironart of Bath

Ironart Ltd

When you decide on a home balcony, the design can follow the exterior of the building, pick up on a detail or contrast with the decors entirely. It is entirely personal and a chance to place an imprint of the façade. In this case the detail on the veranda compliments the flamboyance and femininity of the balcony. The balustrade is made of solid wrought iron, creatively depicting floral curves using skilled craftsmanship, designed by Ironart.

The style incorporates a theme that is carried through from the interior to the exterior which allows for a flow so that, when you are within doors, the exterior feels like an extension of the inside and vice versa.

A perfect space ideal for the city

There are many advantages to having this larger version of a balcony as it allows for families who live in smaller spaces, to enjoy the outdoors and have a meal or a drink at different times of the day or night for a convivial, relaxing and simple lifestyle. The home balcony can accommodate any size apartment or flat whether living in Tokyo where space is a premium or Paris.

Putting wooden flooring down turns the corner into a friendlier backdrop. The L-shaped bench, potted plants and cushions create a very comfortable alternative outdoor room within an apartment block where access to a garden or park may be limited or inaccessible.

Finding your signature balcony

Developing this space is an opportunity to add your magical touch, your signature. Take the bull by the horns and explore the dramatic example of what can be achieved.

The contrasting balcony/veranda against the stone walled house is stunning in its simple lines and design. Positioned against the wooden shutters that frame the door to the room, it creates a harmonious dynamic contrast that is mesmerising owing to the matching tones of the wrought iron against the stone patterns on the external walls.

The total all year design feature

Once you have decided to explore the home balcony, you will see that it deserves to be highlighted as it is a versatile component to the external wall of a home. One of the styles that is popular is glass which can be used in a very modern way.

This pane of coloured glass is set against a black background with vertical patterns in diamond formations of pink with orange and red frames, to create a delicate and elegant design for a veranda. The classical structure  is both grand and contemporary.

Add a pinch to your kitchen menu

The delightful corner on your balcony is a spot where your gastronomical juices can flow almost as well as in the kitchen as here, the palette of taste and smell can be grown and collected. Using potted window boxes on stands, there are a myriad of variations for planting seeds and herbs while even devising an alternative green house!

There will still be room for a small side table and even a bench to enjoy the aroma while the meal is in the oven. For these larger surroundings, you can also develop a tropical haven: shrubbery, palm trees and yucca plants of which there are 40-50 species, are ideal!

Follow a classic appeal

The entrance of your home is important to encompass a veranda for either three rooms or one large bedroom; it is an elegant solution and strong statement that develops an outdoor space.

In many stately homes, the entrance defines the characteristic of the style and celebrates the grandeur of the entourage. Here the classic design complements the house's white modern structure and the balustrade is contrasted in black as it overlooks the entrance punctuating its importance to the overall look. The columns on the end further exemplify the opulence to be expected indoors.

Keeping style at your feet

Having the veranda act as both a social and contemplative space away from the interior enclosure, it offers a feeling of escape and illusion necessary when living within a modern urban environment. The home balcony brings the garden to the forefront allowing for a splendid array of pop-up pallets displaying plants to greet you on your arrival and exit.

Adding greenery to balconies/verandas/terraces with pop up pallets, brings a freshness and congeniality to the hearth which is welcoming and healthy. There is the practical aspect of maintaining potted hanging plants on a structure which attracts variety and texture to an otherwise visually uneventful quarter.

Using a blank canvas of ideas

Having is a space to reflect which is mood sensitive, is your empty canvas on which to develop your personal space, to relax and sink into an organic sanctuary of your own volition.

Closing tips: start with a white frame where an elegant and simple balustrade frames the bedroom allowing for the extra outdoor space to be used sensitively. The rounded design of the railing forms a rhythm that is soothing and peaceful following the oval window frame on the wall.

From there using five small balcony ideas, you can beautify your retreat to become cozy and inviting; when you place plants and other natural assemblages, screens will be naturally positioned to embellish your blissful home balcony. Enjoy your space!

Discover the magic of having your own space within a home balcony where you can have a corner away from the city humdrum, all to yourself to relax ...

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