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Every room in your house or flat may have a distinctive element that ties them altogether. The bathroom on the other hand, is a territory where you can explore different boundaries. In fact there are no rules.

Let the Bohemian filter through this room and experiment with colour, texture and patterns. Perhaps you have an interest in Orientalism or geometrics. Whatever your inclination, take a peek at the selection below and pick and choose which suits your taste.

Walk on the wild side

Townhouse in Henley on Thames adventures in living Eclectic style bathroom
adventures in living

Townhouse in Henley on Thames

adventures in living

Give your love of animals a chance to run wild within these walls. You can pursue a black and white texture with colour. It will also capture a whimsical streak that may have been buried and is unleashed on these surfaces.

The Bohemian bathroom says a great deal about you: you are different and fearless, having the ability to use your taste and judgement to transform a private space into a fanciful world where anyone who visits will get a glimpse of your nature. It also triggers the inner child and whimsical nature stored ready to be nurtured and blossomed within a room.

Reinventing the room

Townhouse in Henley on Thames adventures in living Eclectic style bathroom
adventures in living

Townhouse in Henley on Thames

adventures in living

Exploring the theme of unusual spaces, you can stretch your imagination by reinventing the enclosure.  A bathroom that is designed to catch the eye and attention, is reserved for those who are unafraid of expressing themselves, of exploring boundaries and living within alternative spaces.

Juxtaposing set-ups that are normally expected to be situated elsewhere, this delightful WC encapsulates all the expected mixture of a tongue-in-cheek environment with the excellent colour from Adventures in Living, combined to bring a generic enclosure forward to express a modern and practical statement: stay, enjoy, relax and return to the world invigorated through some intellectual pursuit even if it is only wallpaper!

Magical nuances

En Suite Bathroom in Loft extension Gullaksen Architects Modern bathroom
Gullaksen Architects

En Suite Bathroom in Loft extension

Gullaksen Architects

Understanding nuances within a room can be the ingredient that transforms it into a magical and dreamy atmosphere: this magnificent depiction of modern meets Narnia, explains how an en-suite bathroom in a stunning Battersea basement, can mirror one's personal style and eclectic taste. The silver luminescent wallpaper adds great depth and allows the freestanding bath and units to stand out. The mirror adds a further dimension to enlarge the fantasy world to another level.

Adding shutters to complete the look, adds a mystery that amplifies the picture.


Retro designs run havoc with style and panache.

Invigorate your décors with a splash of the gothic using a resplendent mirror that reflects the opulence of the chandelier, reflecting its light over the marbled surroundings.

Discreet ceiling lights are used to set the mood for an evening dip. The space immediately appears larger owing to the sparse use of monochrome that is then set off balance by the dazzling extravagance in details.

Scarlet O'Hara's en-suite

Hampstead P1, NW3 XUL Architecture Modern bathroom
XUL Architecture

Hampstead P1, NW3

XUL Architecture

Scarlet O'Hara would have been at home in this suite, designed to enliven a basement within a home in a Conservation Area of Belsize Park for a growing family designed by XUL Architecture. It lives within a red brick two storey end of terrace house that forms part of three look-alike houses. Certainly this dazzling bathroom sets it apart with high drama and delightful Bohemianism!

This individualistic en-suite shower room is surrounded by brown toned walls: the red pillar-box coloured sink unit is under a bejewelled mirror. The space is both funky with a whimsical touch that completes the combination of Gothic meets modern 60's Pop. Putting this plush style within a bathroom is the height of delicious decadence.

All creatures great and small

No Bohemian bathroom would be complete without its salute to the reptile world and can include all the prized creatures found in nature. An enlarged lizard happily climbs the quarters and decorates the space with its incandescent silver coat: its graphic shape slides and extends delicately over the wall and offers a taste of the exotic. The tropical design is mixed into a grand diversified design.

Continue the theme by using designed tiling on certain areas that will accentuate particular parts of the bathroom and bring further fascinating aspects to the surroundings.

Lime green

Colouring your WC with an electric tone immediately creates the punch to enliven a normally bland space. It brings a modern twist with a slant of humour to quench your senses. Anyone who has any pizazz will feel this zest. Who could resist the inclination towards this lush Bohemia? 

As the colour is vibrant, keep it to one wall and splash it in small doses elsewhere as cleverly done here over the bowl for the finishing touch.

Tile style

Enter a world of mosaic splendour where sepia and white meet to create a pure geometric ambiance that is totally unique. Creating a diagonal pattern that criss-crosses with pointillism then delicately accentuates the fifties tonality, is striking.

The shutter-like cupboard contributes to a friendly yet up-to-date decors that is divinely snug in the tight yet airy space.

Beguiling allure

The elements of a Bohemian style are both exciting and spellbinding in this bathroom. On the walls are the flowered-shaped mirrors in descending sizes, creating a glittery tattoo-like effect to dazzle any Bollywood fanatic. Using the white background to show off the brown marble that frames the support, it is also repeated on the floor in its ovular design. It then again continues on the back wall as strong horizontal lines to punctuate the contrasting forms. A beatnik approach that is original and functional.


A platform where nature and haute design virtually never collide, finds an outlet here in this unusual space. When there is a true understanding of materials, texture and space, a perfect marriage of harmony and beauty is carved into being.

Final tips: there are some guidelines to bathroom remodelling tips and tricks, if you are interested in mixing the old with the new. Start with a neutral tone then build slowly your design then you can develop the them by putting in an unusual coloured light or chandelier for a feel of other-worldliness beside a contrasting colour. Enjoy!

Would a Bohemian style work in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments, below!

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