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10 freestanding bath ideas

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It is easy to transform your bathroom with a freestanding bath because it takes less space than you think. Plus there is the added luxury that it has four legs and the depth is truly regal! Nowadays you can develop any style you like and your bath can complement it through colour or style. They can be square shaped or completely oval, stand on a platform or have a striking colour.

If the idea of a unique bath is new to you or it intrigues your imagination, here are a few ways in which it can upgrade your own bathroom:

The Wow factor

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

In this sparse yet dynamically stunning white bathroom, the freestanding Danish, cast iron bath is a dramatic feature that immediately has the wow factor. The window frame mimics the cool grey tone as do the towels which gives a relaxing feel.

There are wonderful bathroom fittings and fixtures, available from Drummonds, to suit all themes. In this bathroom follow the grey and white monochrome with touches of black for definition. Topped with the potted green plant to add further freshness, the room is reflected in the silver coating of the tub.

Power colours for high drama

If you are a follower of the Spanish surrealist artist Juan Miró, this setting will be right up your street. The extraordinary mixture of material from the grey toned marble floor to the organic shaped bath which is duplicated on a miniature scale for the sink, is both refined and witty.

Each object is perfectly positioned as if a performance were to take place. In fact the preparation for the day and night is akin to the theatre where individuals prepare for their roles. Here in the bathroom all the required components are discreetly tucked away within highly elegant designed drawers and cupboards. Smooth, glossy and infinitesimally functional but with the highest level of class.

Luxurious cradle bath

Usually when you enter a bathroom, the tub is up against the wall just forming part of the space. To have the luxury of using a tub that is freestanding and is also a unique piece of design, are great bonuses.

The bath is nestled within a wooden frame on stands which is based on the original wooden theme of the supporting beams. The duplication within the design of the bathroom delivers a unifying homey feel. The colouring of the entire space is very earthy following the country tone. The style resembles a child's cot showing its nurturing and welcoming appeal. The window and its modern medieval slant contributes to this lovely setting.

The appeal of the Single Slipper

The name itself connotes a myriad of fairy tales and the layout of this unique bathroom fits it to perfection. Using a classic style akin to the Victorian era, this magnificent deep iron bath, called the Single Slipper, is a warm fresh green. The colour is from the Farrow & Ball collection called Saxon Green. The feet are also cast iron and its size is luxuriously deep for a long soak at the end of the day.

Contrast the scenario with grey panelled wall paper and use a cast iron radiator to further accentuate the textural play found also with the rough wooden flooring against the soft, gentle avocado colour of the freestanding bath.

From Normandy with love

The bath can be the main feature in the bathroom and should you wish to create a splash, this is the one. It is a Normandy double slipper Nickel bath in a refined classical style available from UK Architectural Antiques.

The material for the double slipper is beaten from 16 Gauge Copper sheets into the perfectly crafted shape that years of expert knowledge master. Because nickel conducts heat extremely well, you are guaranteed a very long and warm dip.

Develop a serene bathroom quality

The pièce de resistance in this bathroom is the charming bath: it boasts great depth, and is made of cast iron, also with cast iron feet. The cream and ivory tones follow the style theme throughout the set-up. It is a classic space that adheres to all the proportions and criteria for the making of a perfect family home.

From the paisley patterned wallpaper with its languid flow and corresponding colouring to the mini chandelier, wall lamps and ceiling lighting, the classically styled bathroom exudes serenity and elegance.

A return to designs from the past

Back in the day when a freestanding bath was quite the norm and stood in the front room, there are elements of the traditional cottage-style home suite that suit the modern day living.

A convivial environment is developed by using warm greys and off whites; the oval-shaped tub with a long shower and faucet follows the same tones on the wooden painted grey floors. Including a naval theme with a small sailing boat, the comfortable silver chair and fireplace, the bathroom returns to the past with a modern flair of charm.

The unconventional bath

Flat Conversion in Islington GK Architects Ltd BathroomSinks
GK Architects Ltd

Flat Conversion in Islington

GK Architects Ltd

The proportions and layout of this space are straightforward and are offset by the unusual modern angular shape of the freestanding white bath. The stark white application of the walls, window and sink set the brown veined marble in stark contrast.

The geometric bath is sculptural and is a remarkable construct in this modern yet unconventional bathroom.

Eco-friendly bathroom attributes

Artificial Green Wall in bathroom Evergreen Trees & Shrubs BathroomDecoration
Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Artificial Green Wall in bathroom

Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Nothing says freshness and soothing calm more than green: a freestanding oval bath is perfectly set against a wall of eco-friendly botany. Using large cappuccino coloured tiles with trunks as table tops and other decorative shrubbery, a zen-like environment opens the passage to settle the mind, body and soul.

You are bound to feel miles away from urban chaos.

The space envelops the conservation of the environment and is very apt in the age of environmental concerns.

Hats off for French aesthetics

Taking the leap to invest in a freestanding tub will enhance the bathroom and by carefully choosing the colours for the walls and floors, will accentuate this special feature. 

Closing tip: if you opt for rustic style bathrooms with a French aesthetic twist, sway towards a classical variation. This charming brown iron cast tub sits perfectly against a yellow wall and patterned tiled flooring. The floral yellow and grey wall paper stops mid-way to present the freestanding bath its full theatrical regalia.

Have you ever been in a freestanding bath? Why not let us know how it made you feel. Are you a convert?

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