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A master bedroom should be welcoming. It should be a reflection of personal style and taste- a representation of its residents. One should feel comfortable, as if in an oasis. Designing the perfect master bedroom can be challenging with so many options. Want to go modern? How about rustic? Maybe tropical is better for you. These bedroom designs will spark the inspiration needed to create a very personal, unique master bedroom.

Hotel-like master

Who doesn't like to stay in a five star hotel? Get the same feeling in a master bedroom by following simple design rules. A soothing colour, like beige or off white will make the room feel airy and flow nicely. Play with texture by adding wall paper or textured paint behind the bed. Tufted bed frames always have a luxurious feel, especially in a neutral colour to match the walls. Complete the bedding with neutral sheets and pillows. Don't be afraid to play with neutrals: adding different shades of similar colour will keep the room from looking too bland and will add personal flair. 

Hints of green

Bedroom jungle side homify Tropical style bedroom

Bedroom jungle side


Sometimes simplicity speaks loud and clear. The wall is painted a neutral colour, however more subtle and soothing than bright white. Photographs in black frames make the wall pop and draw the eyes upward. Consider playing off the colour of the wall with bedding: crisp white sheets make the room feel bright and airy. A textured blanket to match the wall makes the room feel uniform. Green throw pillows add personal flair and bring the room all together for a relaxing, eye catching retreat.

Hues of blue

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



Blue is said to be a very relaxing colour and is often a favourite colour for bedrooms. Add hints of blue to make a master bedroom feel like a heavenly oasis. A blue reading chair will draw attention. Make that reading chair in a fabric such as velvet and add class and luxury to the bedroom. Finish the play on blue with proper bedding. A blue throw will continue the look, and blue pillows will tie it all in, making the master bedroom an inviting and calming oasis.

Luxury in a corner

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

Don't know what to do with the extra space in a bedroom? Add an eye catching reading chair. An angled corner chair like this one is perfect for small, extra spaces. The rich colour and fine fabric makes the room look more luxurious. Choosing the shade in the same colour family yet a tone darker will make the chair more attention grabbing. To finish off the look. add a vase of bright flowers, sure to make an extra corner space become the favourite part of the master bedroom.

Colour and texture in the master

For a very unique look, play with colour and texture in the master bedroom. Teal reading chairs with a matching rug clearly define an inviting sitting area. A chandelier above adds to the character of the room. For an office area, white shelving plays well against a hot magenta backdrop. Deep wood flooring makes the room feel grand and goes with the retro theme. The bedding plays with the colours of the office and neutrality of the shades and floor. Gold and white textured wallpaper adds to the hip retro feel of the bedroom, creating a space that will make it hard to leave.

Masculine master

Looking for a more masculine feel for the master bedroom? Deep colours and materials such as browns will bring out the masculinity in any bedroom. The brown leather headboard plays well against the brown leather reading chair. Adding brown sheets and covers, a few shades lighter, keeps the theme flowing without being overpowering. Textured plaid wall paper, picking up colours of the furniture and bedding, makes even more of a masculine statement. Tie it all together with pictures that continue the theme in shades of neutrals and browns.

Feminine power

Opposite from the previous masculine bedroom, perhaps a more feminine design is the desired route. What is more feminine than the colour pink? This designer uses a fair shade of the colour that is not too overpowering or childlike. Instead, it feels extremely romantic. The pink textured headboard adds to the romanticism. Finish off the bedding with white and pink sheets- with a hint of an accent colour of grey. The patterned rug, in white and grey, balances out the pink. A large chandelier brings in class and a statement piece of artwork above the bed ties it all together for the ultimate feminine design master suite.

Purple pops

Purple is often considered the colour of royalty. Feel like a great by adding hints of this hue into the master suite. A tufted purple bed frame is unexpected and eye catching, particularly against neutral yet textured walls. The matching purple bed stool continues the theme and allows the room to flow nicely. Continue the design with a tufted desk chair in a neutral colour. Purple curtains in a light fabric add to the theme. A vase with fresh purple flowers will make the room feel light, airy, and inviting. Black lamps on grey accent tables finish off a sophisticated look.

Functional small master

Working with a compact bedroom? Never fret, design is still within reach. The best way to optimise a smaller room is with hidden storage. These wood closets become a statement piece in their own right, blending in as a wall yet providing so much functionality. Play with the look by adding a thin wooden table at the foot of the bed. The bed itself is light and simple. White and neutral bedding keep the room open. Add just a couple of throw pillows to insure there is no overcrowding. Instead of a headboard, a hip wall of art is created using pictures of similar bold colours of reds, blues and blacks, in different size frames.

Black and white

New build Hampshire UK At No 19 Modern style bedroom
At No 19

New build Hampshire UK

At No 19

Black and white together can create a very regal, clean, and modern look. The textured, dark patterned wallpaper adds much luxury to the room. White furniture stands out against the wall paper and makes the room pop. Bedding in white with black accents finish off the look, and creates a very sophisticated master bedroom.

Do you have any favourite master bedroom designs? We'd love to hear them!

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