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Open kitchen design ideas

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homify Industrial style kitchen
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An open kitchen is inviting and social. The kitchen is where a lot of family events take place, from learning about each others work days, to hosting small dinner parties. Designing an open kitchen is important as much time is spent in this very special room.

Colourful Open Kitchen Concept

Adding colour to an open kitchen is a great design idea for those wanting to show much punch and personality. The light wood flooring is a great classic beginning. The marigold kitchen unit acts as a focal point and pairs well with the opposite black wall and surfaces. The kitchen flows into a dining area with a great modern, yellow couch that provides a minimalist look. Two modern wooden chairs against the table add to the simple, yet functional room, making this open kitchen a great idea for anyone who loves colour.

Open Kitchen with Colour

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Modern kitchen
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

This light and airy kitchen looks clean and modern, with a twist. The pops of red add flavour and uniqueness to the room. The kitchen opens up to a garden, featuring a red wall, which adds light to the room and plays against the reds in the kitchen. The white appliances against the white floor give the kitchen a very airy look. The patterned wall paper as a splash back is truly original, and breaks up the white, giving the open kitchen a very modern, artistic and minimalist feel.

Living in the Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire HollandGreen Country style kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire


This room takes the open kitchen concept to the next level. The kitchen features a wood island against a brick wall as the backdrop, giving it a nice, earthy feel. The kitchen opens up to both the living room and a dining room. Hanging lights illuminate the entire space, in addition to the skylights which provide great natural light. The grey toned tiled flooring compliments the island nicely, picking up hues of brown in the wood.

Small Open Kitchen

Just because a space is not large does not mean a room must feel closed off. This open kitchen is small, yet very functional and creates space within the room. The white cabinets make the room feel larger. The dark finishes on the counter and appliances pair nicely with the dark dining room table. Light floors keep the space bright and airy. And finally the grey seating areas in both the couch and the dining room chairs compliment the look for this small, open kitchen.

Urban Open Kitchen

Dining homify Industrial style kitchen



This kitchen is all about the brick wall! A great focal point, it adds an industrial flair and it works perfectly as it flows into the dinning room. A great space saver are hanging shelves and hanging pots. The shelves here perfectly display glasses, mugs and other kitchen items. The pots and pans almost become a focal point in themselves and provide function as they are easy to reach. With the bold black stove against the brick the designer adds an element of mystery and personality to the room.

Minimalist Open Kitchen

This modern kitchen is for the minimalists! The beautiful, airy space has white, clean walls and fresh edges. The kitchen features a large island with both wood and white features. This compliments the wood shelving unit on the opposite wall. Guests can enjoy themselves at the long table, which runs into the island. The cook will never feel left out or enclosed as the kitchen flows seamlessly from an open kitchen to a formal dinning room.

Plenty of Storage in an Open Kitchen

Sometimes one needs an open kitchen with lots of storage, and this kitchen is it. The cabinet unit is a piece of art itself- featuring many cabinets and drawers for storage, two ovens, the sink and stove. The oven literally opens right out to the comfortable seating area. Near the sink there is a formal dining area, perfect for guests to move from the living room to dining when dinner is served. The light colours make this small space feel larger, and the unique ceiling adds creativity and design to this open kitchen plan.

Unique Design in an Open Kitchen

For the really brave and creative, this open kitchen plays with a lot of colour and texture. For starters, the checkered flooring provides a very retro look with hues of beige and orange. The yellow cabinets become a piece of art with their own creative design. Under cabinet lighting illuminates the whole kitchen area and further brings attention to the design of the cabinets. The brick splash back provides a more urban feel. This out of the norm kitchen flows nicely into a living room area which adds a touch of colour with a bold painting easily seen from the kitchen.

Monochrome Flow

Chelsea Kitchen Lewis Alderson Classic style kitchen
Lewis Alderson

Chelsea Kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Black and white can look very regal. This kitchen blends town and country with modern flairs with the checkered flooring. White cabinetry compliments the floor well, as does the black stove. The kitchen flows right into a picnic style dining area which has a great view of the yard through beautiful floor to ceiling windows. Skylights add more natural light to the room. And finally, grey cabinetry in the dining area is a nice third colour addition. The touch of purple flowers add a nice pop of unexpected colour to bring the look together. 

Natural Open Kitchen

This kitchen feels like a zen paradise! The light wood gives the room a very natural feel. The island is large and welcoming, and the bench allows the kitchen to flow from cooking to dining easily. The wood paneling on the ceiling makes the room feel more like a yoga centre than a kitchen. This open kitchen also opens up to the yard with  sliding glass doors, making the room feel like one is both inside and outside at the same time with beautiful views of the greenery.

Do you have any suggestions on design ideas for an open kitchen? Leave your comments below!

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