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Setting the scene with decoration candles

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It's no secret that a well-placed decoration candle can be the perfect finishing touch to any room or even outside space, but what makes these versatile mood setters so popular? Coming in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes they offer a level of versatility rarely found in home accessories and seem to encourage homeowners to stretch their creativity.

No longer reserved just for bathrooms or dinners for two, decoration candles have found their way into every room in the house, so let's take a look at why they have become so undeniably popular and what they are most effective for; from setting a mood to adding design flair to an otherwise plain and unfinished space.

Set the mood

Wick & Tallow Lemongrass & Neroli Candle Wick & Tallow HouseholdAccessories & decoration
Wick & Tallow

Wick & Tallow Lemongrass & Neroli Candle

Wick & Tallow

Wick & Tallow are experts in their field, offering numerous irresistible scent combinations in decoration candle form. Whether you are looking to have a relaxing bath and unwind with some vanilla and fig, or rejuvenate yourself with this wonderful lemongrass and neroli offering, there is a decoration candle for you. Taking the time to introduce a scented candle into any room in the house will have a positive and mood enhancing effect and in some cases, will inject a burst of colour that can work as an accent hue, coordinating with other accessories or soft furnishings.

Add some pizzaz

Candle Chandelier Vintage Archive Living roomLighting
Vintage Archive

Candle Chandelier

Vintage Archive

Choosing a dramatic piece such as a large decoration candle chandelier can breath life into an otherwise very muted space. Used to offset neutral tones, heavy black iron work such as this, when coupled with elegant and effortlessly chic plain white decoration candles, transforms any room into a design forward and well though out space. Don't feel that heavy blackwork is necessarily too 'gothic' for you, remember that it contrasts easily and beautifully against more muted backgrounds.

Talking point

SILUET Candle holders by PearsonLloyd homify Interior landscaping

SILUET Candle holders by PearsonLloyd


This SILUET holder is the perfect example of just how decoration candles can become a key talking point with guests. The deceptively simple style of the holder offers pleasing lines, appealing colours and most importantly, a suitable platform for the efficient burning of decoration candles. In a case such as this, choosing a neutral candle colour is a great idea as it allows the holder to showcase itself and the beautiful lighting effects of the burning candles. When beauty and practicality merge so perfectly, decoration candles suddenly become an extremely high end element in any house.

Classic sophistication

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

For those with a more traditional design and aesthetics style, simple yet effective decoration candles play a major role in the finishing of a living space. This large clear glass holder is the perfect vessel for a sizeable, yet plain, church-style decoration candle. Despite being a large decorative piece, the overall effect is one of understated and subdued elegance, wit the burning wick offering a warm and inviting light. Perfect for placement in front of large or small fireplaces, or even as part of a table centrepiece, candles such as these make it easy to see why they have never gone out of style.

Taking the indoors out

Brass Lanterns homify Garden Accessories & decoration

Brass Lanterns


Though outdoor spaces, such as patios, can seem a little more difficult to make 'cosy', the use of large decoration candle lanterns makes the task remarkably easy. Offering a quirky yet comforting style to any garden, these lanterns have become extremely popular and are now readily available in a number of colours, finishes and sizes. Perfect for putting on the patio or placing on an outside dining table, large garden decoration candles offer an intimate setting, regardless of garden size. To see how professionals have styled their outside spaces with decoration candles, take a look at these terraces and verandas and gain some inspiration for your own garden utopia.

Practical and pretty

Garden Party Lantern Hen and Hammock Garden Lighting
Hen and Hammock

Garden Party Lantern

Hen and Hammock

No longer just for decorative effect, candles are proving to be every al fresco diner's best friend. Using outdoor holders such as these, citronella decoration candles can be lit, offering not only a wonderfully warm glow, but also protection from flying insects. The ultimate combination of fashion and function, these decoration candles are a must have addition to any keen gardener's arsenal. Beauty and brains!

Terrific tableware

The finishing touch for any table display has to be a decoration candle or two and it's even better when a fun candelabra is installed, such as this Scandinavian inspired piece. Perfect for transforming a dinner party into an intimate gathering of good friends or family, decoration candles encourage a warm atmosphere and a peaceful event, while all the time adding some much-appreciated pomp and splendour. 

Express yourself

For every style, preference, colour favouritism and room there is the perfect decoration candle and an ideal holder to place it in. Buying a decoration candle can be the ideal opportunity to explore your artistic side as you can go wild with how you display them. Bell jars, saucers, lanterns or sticks, there is no wrong way to show off your newly acquired mood lighting.

Think outside the table

Now this really is something a little bit out of the ordinary. Rather than placing your decoration candle on a table, why not have a table that houses it perfectly and acts as the holder? Quirky and fun, pieces like this tap into the essence of candles perfectly, allowing you to be as colourful or daring as you choose. As long as you are enjoying the muted lighting and good energy that your candles are giving you, why not add in some fantastic design too?

Something for everyone

Perhaps the most fantastic thing about decoration candles, other than the fact that they finish a room off so perfectly, is that there truly is a candle for everyone. Regardless of your decoration style, colour palate, interests or taste, there will be a perfect decoration candle out there for you that will prove to be the missing feature in your room. The only problem you may have is bringing yourself to burn them, especially when they are as beautiful as this Buddha head. 

For inspiration on how to use your decoration candles as part of a fantastic centrepiece, take a look at this ideabook: Christmas table decoration ideas.

How do you use your decoration candles? Let us know below!
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