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Defining the ideal vintage home can be different in each household: everywhere you look there are items that define an era from cassettes to the iPad, i.e. antique versus contemporary, retro versus modern and so on. There are values attributed to many pieces and are collectibles which has made the industry into a fierce market of junk and exclusive rarities.

To find out how to develop the vintage 'look', we have put together the top ten style pieces to guide you through the labyrinth of vintage homes.

A vintage Brazilian theme

Designer Denise Barretto creates an everlasting look using wooden features: focusing on the main dining and kitchen areas, she uses shapely structures seen on the chairs to soften the edges on the cutting surfaces in the kitchen as well as the glass dining table.

The hanging lights over the eating area fuse the retro vintage mood that also includes the dominant lines found in the window frames, the size of the walls. Lovely touches of colour and shapes break up the clean design which completes the airy harmony.

Vive la différence Vintage!

The fifties era epitomised the Nouvelle Vague in cinema and filtered its oozing style into design most crucially graphics and interiors. To capture this juxtaposition of shape and form, play around with strong horizontals as here on the marble shelving units that acts also as the main island in the kitchen.

A mixture of monochromatic greys with white holds the theme in place while it allows for the fanciful bright detailing to come into the foreground. These spots of colour, (canary yellow, carmine, punchy green and sunny orange) bring the construction into place in the most playful yet structured manner. Do not be fooled by the vintage ease as this is strategic decors at its height! Vive la différence!

Kissable vintage glam

There is no reason why the children can't have a look in at the vintage tendency and Ludlow Interior achieves a delightful and quirky touch to this teenage space. The bamboo bed and stool carry through a light, breezy touch which uses the retro crisscross framing.

Adding some rainbow streaks to the bed throw continues the young twist to a vintage home that spreads to the visuals on the walls, picking up on the colours in the bedroom. With a bag rack fastened to the wall, the horizontal alignment gives the eye a focal point, magnetising the shapes and textures. Have fun with

kissable hearts too!

Vintage vavavoom!

Create the ultimate in Vavavoom effect by sticking to the tones of one particular colour then combine all the textures, hues, fabric and materials to your hearts' content. The corset styled lamp shade provides insolence and cheek. Break the stark edges of the headrest by introducing a quasi-art nouveau frame that cajoles its way from side to side.

Standing luminescent pink reading lamps adorns the bedside complete with flowing carmine curtains that match the bedspread. The wooden floor supports the frivolous theme to complete the essential vintage Mae West.

Vintage Jules Verne

Archipod Demonstrator Pod Archipod Eclectic style study/office

Archipod Demonstrator Pod


Are there any Jules Verne followers out there? Take a trip to the other side in this complete and ultimate vintage office space. The exterior view of the demonstrator pod, reveals an alternative cladding system that is currently under development, later to be re-clad in copper.

You are on the cusp of the latest in design technology YET stepping back in prime vintage home ideas. The circular theme is imprinted on the lines that follow the shape while the porthole window is akin to the diving suits once worn to excavate the depths of the sea for buried treasure. The retro entrance that glides open is akin to the spatial enterprises that would depart for astral hemispheres. The perfect thinking space for the hardworking freelancer at the back of the garden!

Let's scrap the garden shed.

Get the downtown vintage look

A downtown vintage look is essential for any serious connoisseur. Within the dressing room, there requires the fanciful serious visual bantering between textures, fabrics and shapes with materials which is the mark of success to vintage homes. Perhaps your vertical and horizontal lines are represented by the sleek wardrobes and bench space on one side. The walls would be the same on both sides forming an L shaped contour that accentuates the room.

There should be a solid colour that is strong and can pull the entire colour palette towards: this probably would pick up on one of the deep hues of the wall paper and be found on the frame of a full mirror and shelves. Spatter another bench with mature chic furnishings that create the full look.

Deconstructing the vintage terrace

The exotic clash, interweaving of patterns and fabrics with materials that are man-made and natural is magnificent. You can almost feel the breeze and taste the mint tea on the vintage terrace.

The space is cluttered with artefacts and collides with the ceramic floor tiling that marks the space like permanent Asian Mehndi hand-tattoos. The tight space becomes almost claustrophobic but in fact is warm and appealing. This North Africa idyll is created with hand-made pigment tiles and is a characteristic of the fascination for geometric shapes in this region. The woven mats and baskets add to the Mediterranean feel common in all maritime zones. The model's purple outfit languidly responds to the perfect exotic vintage chic.

Notice the turquoise elements that are scattered higgledy piggledy to form an easy visual target.

Simple vintage

Creating vintage homes does not necessarily imply an overabundance of colour and forms with contrasting and conflicting shapes: it can also include a simplicity found through choosing the perfect elements to complement each other. A corridor is a limited area defined by its navigational hold but by overemphasising its structure through the presence of a long rug that defines more vertical and horizontal lines with patterns, this formation then stipulates the theme.

A beam further assigns the depth where a hanging rattan wicker chair is covered with cushions. The solid colours embody the strong colours from the rug and thus the subtle vintage look is built up. With an exposed brick wall contrasted by the plain white smooth surfaced walls and tortoise shell concrete floors, the simplicity of this vintage space is conserved.

Vintage asymmetry

Dream Shower Enclosure Aegean Spas Modern bathroom
Aegean Spas

Dream Shower Enclosure

Aegean Spas

For a smaller ideal dream shower enclosure, the combination of sleek with sharp colours again applies sparse shapes and materials continuing to create the vintage home message. Just take a look at this design from Carmenta Wellness for inspiration.

The shower experience is immersed in a time frame where the solid vertical grey is enclosed by a fiery pillar-box red. Using a glass divider pulls in the modern touch allowing for the sharp distinct design to have a standing ovation. Matching up the wooden floor with similar tiling is asymmetrical perfection carried off by the open cabinets casually attached to the wall.

Prosaic vintage rusticity

Final tip: there is no reason why the outside cannot also benefit from an infusion of vintage magic. A garage has a function to store and be functional, ready to take the burden of heavy seasonal changes whilst keeping its solidity and retaining its energy.

The frame would be steel based and pinpoint the vertical structure while the wooden frontal sidings are in a warm wood that accentuates the horizontal. Both features are dynamic albeit treated with a prosaic rusticity which is why mixing vintage with modern in the home is exciting.

What are your favourite vintage accessories that fill your room? What has inspired you to start collecting to create the vintage look?

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