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Townhouse in Henley on Thames, adventures in living adventures in living Eclectic style bathroom
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Figuring out how to make a bathroom unique can be tricky. Often, bathrooms are small, or overlooked as a place to get really creative with design. Adding colour, texture, prints, photos and more and really enhance a bathroom wall. These unique bathroom wall design ideas provide inspiration for those ready to take the plunge and express their creativity in one of the most important rooms of a home.

Neutral Texture

This bathroom, although neutral, is anything but boring. The bathroom walls are beautiful shades of browns, whites, and creams. The tiles are unique. They vary in several different patterns and sizes. The smaller tiles have very light, white patterns on them. The softness of the patterns enable the tiles to not clash and instead flow quite nicely. The larger tiles, in a unique rectangle shape, play with the same shades and thus become a perfect compliment. The tiles are floor to ceiling, making this bathroom wall feel grandiose and making the room overall feel very large.

Bold Colour

Dream Shower Enclosure Aegean Spas Modern bathroom
Aegean Spas

Dream Shower Enclosure

Aegean Spas

For a huge statement, colour on the bathroom wall is a great way to make a bathroom transition from ordinary to extraordinary. This red bathroom wall takes the full plunge into creativity. The red is hot red, deep and strong, transforming a classic bathroom into an Asian style bathroom. Adding floating boxes is a great way to break up the red so it is not too overpowering, while also providing a stylish way to display art and other objects.

Zebras on the Loose

Townhouse in Henley on Thames, adventures in living adventures in living Eclectic style bathroom
adventures in living

Townhouse in Henley on Thames

adventures in living

A great way to get really creative with bathroom walls is to work with wallpaper. This bathroom chooses a theme and sticks with it. The bathroom wall features a wall paper with large zebras against a deep green backdrop. The theme is continued on the adjoining wall with artwork featuring zebras. The top piece of art is bold and becomes a centre point of the room. The bottom piece of art work is a nice addition to the bathroom wall. 

Minimalist Grey

Grey is a very mature colour, the perfect colour for creating a minimalist bathroom look. The bathroom wall here starts with a neutral white, which keeps the bathroom light and airy. At the halfway point on the wall, grey subway tiles are brought in and they finish to the floor. In the shower area these tiles go from floor to ceiling on the bathroom wall. Against the tub, the bathroom wall features a huge mirror, which makes the room feel larger. The use of white paint against the grey subway tiles give the room clean, sharp lines and produces a very mature, minimalist retreat from this designer.

Classic Pastels

Bossington House, Adisham Kent, Lee Evans Partnership Lee Evans Partnership Country style bathroom
Lee Evans Partnership

Bossington House, Adisham Kent

Lee Evans Partnership

For a twist on a classic bathroom, this bathroom wall has two great stand out features- crown molding and a lovely pastel paint. The majority of the bathroom wall goes from mid-level to the ceiling and is in a soothing eggshell hue. At waist level, crown molding is introduced, creating a nice transition to the pastel that follows through to the floor. The floor is bordered again with white crown molding. This bathroom wall brings three different techniques to create one design idea that is a fresh twist on a classic look.

Textured Bathroom Wall

A very unique idea to add creativity to a bathroom wall is to introduce texture. This wall uses shades of neutral colours so the texture does not feel too overwhelming. The design starts at about waist level and continues up to the ceiling. The ceiling lights help illuminate the wall and makes it stand out even more. Two framed mirrors are fixated on the wall, which also provide a nice focal point to the room. From the waist down, the wall is a classic white, which opens up the room and provides a nice flow.

Minimalist Design with Colour Pop

This bathroom wall is sleek, modern, and monochrome with a nice pop of colour that makes the room feel unique. The wall features two different textures, starting with a light grey wood that continues to a bench that juts out. Above the bench area, tiles are introduced. First in a darker grey colour that adds maturity to the room. A thin, single red stripe enhances the wall a bit more. A built in shelving area becomes the focal point of the bathroom wall. Set back with the same dark red as the single stripe, it becomes a perfect place to display vases and bathroom necessities. The end result is a look that is minimalist, but still very special.

Outside Inside

These bathroom walls are truly unique! They play with both texture and colour and create a look that feels fresh and new. The bold green wall brings the outside in, as it gives the illusion of being in a garden. This wall is adjoined to strong grey wall, featuring different size blocks that are also reminiscent of nature as they give the feeling of tree bark. Shelves are created within the bathroom wall simply with the placing of each block. On the opposite side of the bold green bathroom wall, classic marble is brought in. This evens out the look, ensuring the boldness of the other two walls is not too overpowering. The end result is a perfect balance of outside and inside. 

Urban Walls

Brick walls are often great focal points in living rooms and even kitchens. But, they can also be a really unique way to add personality to a bathroom wall. This bathroom wall features classic red brick that continues throughout the room. Inside the shower, the wall becomes extremely unique, as a very large portrait is used instead. This becomes a great artistic piece, and breaks up the brick nicely. The end result is a bathroom that looks and feels very hip, modern, and urban, just by getting creative with the bathroom wall.

Block Textures

This bathroom wall looks more like a piece of artwork than a wall itself. Cool, textured blocks in different sizes are used against each other to create style and a feeling of movement. Used as just one accent wall, it becomes the focal point and does not feel too dark or overwhelming. The adjoining white bathroom wall balances out the deep texture.

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