Creating a Party Atmosphere at Home

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Creating a party atmosphere at home can start from really small party ideas like quirky beverage coasters and throw cushions, to big party ideas like chic pool tables and home bars. If you're a party animal, enjoy entertaining lots of guests at your home, or like cooking and inviting friends over, browse through these brilliant ideas to get your house into the party mode. 

Designing your house to accommodate parties is a great alternative for those of us who like to party, but don't necessarily enjoy the mainstream party scene on offer. Think of it as a custom-made party that matches your taste. The party crowd and the people you have around during parties is your choice, and so is the music, the drinks, and the food. In the long-run, having house parties can save money, if you compare it to going clubbing every weekend. Creating a party atmosphere at home is a great idea to bring family and friends together in a laid-back setting. 

Home Bar

This home bar says, let's get the party started. The bar lights up the bottles glamorously against a rich red wall, looking like a real bar, not those make-believe home bars.The neon lighting at the seating area of the bar and vintage posters give it a retro feel.

Your friends will love you for this. You know those nights when you're out clubbing, and the night comes to an end all too soon? Well, there's a place called home with a bar in it! 

Party Floor

Graphic Auto Rug ashajodathekal Living roomAccessories & decoration

Graphic Auto Rug


If you're looking for something funky with a piece of India in it on your floor, then this graphic auto rug is a fun choice. Having an element of chaos from the streets of India seems apt to get the floor rocking.

On another note, it's wise to be prepared for chaos by using lightweight, machine washable rugs like this butterfly rug by Deirdre Dyson. Laying out heavy carpets that are difficult to clean is asking for trouble in a party house. It's a good idea to keep flooring simple, practical, yet trendy and cool.

Quirky Throw Cushions

Match Box LQ Cushion Cover ashajodathekal Living roomAccessories & decoration

Match Box LQ Cushion Cover


These quirky throw cushions will light up your party house and conjure nostalgic memories of those cheap, commonly sold matchboxes in India.The illustration features the Red Fort in New Delhi. 

Party Walls

Faces Colourful Art Print ashajodathekal ArtworkPictures & paintings

Faces Colourful Art Print


This crowded poster is a fun and colourful depiction of the diversity that is India. While having a poster of the Mona Lisa might be sophisticated, a party house could do with something lighter and more casual like this poster. 

Party Accessories

A TO Z Bollywood Coasters ashajodathekal Dining roomAccessories & decoration

A TO Z Bollywood Coasters


These party coasters feature Bollywood celebrities. They add character and fun to the drinks that you're serving. The coasters could also possibly turn into a fun game. 

And how about this champagne bottle stopper to keep the party and the champagne bubbling? Parties can be chaotic, and it can be hard to keep track on organisation. It would be a sour experience to wake up the day after your party and have to pour that expensive bottle of champagne down the drain just because it was left open the whole night. It's about time you put a stop to wasting expensive alcohol!

Foodie Party

Every foodie who enjoys cooking and inviting guests over for meals will appreciate this design. This spacious dining area and kitchen has a long wooden dining table and bench, in addition to a long kitchen counter, ideal for hosting dinner parties. Imagine a delicious buffet spread across the kitchen counter with family and friends eating and chatting at the dinner table while you prepare dessert in the kitchen. 

Entertaining Idea for the Home Bar

Blacklight Pool Table Quantum Play Multimedia roomFurniture
Quantum Play

Blacklight Pool Table

Quantum Play

A pool table is an entertaining idea for the home bar. This chic, sleek pool table is a great way to entertain guests, and create a party atmosphere at home. Keep the ball rolling with this modern pool table in your house, and party on. 

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