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10 smart ways to save money on your home extension

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If you've been keen on adding an extension to your home for a while, we think you'll want to discover all the ways that you can save money and still get the look and extra space that you want. Ask any architect and they'll tell you that getting a home extension that's perfect for you, at the right price, isn't a dark art, if you employ some common sense and savvy, but don't worry if you don't feel equipped enough as it stands; we've got everything you need to consider listed, right here! Whether you're adding an extra bedroom or a brand new kitchen, these top extension planning tips will help you watch the pennies!

1. Keep the design simple.

Whatever the reason behind your extension dreams, it's good to bear in mind that the simpler your design, the less expensive it should be. Take out the need for pricey structural works and costly materials and you'll have a recipe for budget success.

2. Consider a DIY design.

Rural extension, Dorset, UK Southpoint Modern living room

Rural extension, Dorset, UK


If you are really keen to save money and have some decent DIY skills to fall back on, why not think about building your own extension? Keep it small and unfussy and you probably won't need planning permission either, but always check!

3. Be your own project manager.

Maida Vale Extensions homify Modern garden

Maida Vale Extensions


A huge expense that is incurred during any construction project is project management fees. If you hire a professional, you'll be staggered by how much their services increase your bill, but if you have some rudimentary organisational skills, you are more than capable of overseeing everything. Plus, you're more invested in seeing things done right!

4. Save on the VAT.

Marlborough Road - Extension to Single Room Haydn Bennett Chartered Architect Modern living room
Haydn Bennett Chartered Architect

Marlborough Road—Extension to Single Room

Haydn Bennett Chartered Architect

If you hire self-employed construction professionals who are currently under the VAT threshold, you can save yourself that extra 20% which always tips things into the realm of more pricey than you'd like! This can really add up!

5. Get your neighbours onboard.

If you are planning on an extension, now's the time to make sure you and your neighbours are good friends! If you can get their written consent for free, you'll save yourself a whopping £700 for a formal party wall agreement, which you know can be much better spent elsewhere!

6. Save on fees.

Kitchen Extension – Strawberry Hill, Twickenham Cube Lofts Modern kitchen
Cube Lofts

Kitchen Extension – Strawberry Hill, Twickenham

Cube Lofts

You can save so much money on professional fees, if you choose to have simplified designs created, rather than in-depth renderings, but you can also save on building permission fees too, if you keep your extension smaller than the current legislation!

7. Use reputable tradesmen.

House extension DK Architects HouseholdPet accessories
DK Architects

House extension

DK Architects

If one thing can send costs spiralling, it's using cowboy tradesmen! The sad thing is, it can be hard to spot them, so always make sure that you check plenty of references, and, if you can, go to see some completed work, before you make your decision. Professionals with a good reputation are worth their weight in gold!

8. Avoid costly mistakes.

Looks like it was always there! homify Modern houses

Looks like it was always there!


If you suddenly change your mind about something or discover that an idea you signed off on will require more work, your costs will always go up! Remedial work is a budget-swallower, so check your plans and check again, before anything gets started!

9. Reuse what you can.

House in Winchester LA Hally Architect Modern garden
LA Hally Architect

House in Winchester

LA Hally Architect

If you can reuse and recycle any materials, so much the better, as this will save you a lot of money! Keep an eye out for things like reclaimed floorboards and, if you have a good relationship with your construction team, you might find that they have materials left over from previous work, which you can buy for a reduced cost.

10. Try to secure trade discounts.

Trade discounts can be key to keeping an extension project on budget, so never be afraid to ask! The worst a supplier or construction team can say is 'no', but if you can wrangle 10% off here and there, you'll soon see some serious savings racking up!

For some extra extension inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: An Exemplar Edinburgh Home Extension.

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