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Nothing says relaxation like coming home after a hard day and slipping outside into a bubbly garden hot tub, but choosing what style will work best for you can be difficult. Nordic? Enclosed? Whatever you choose, you also need to be mindful that it will work within your outdoor space and act as a complimentary addition rather than sticking out like a style-less sore thumb. 

Let's submerge ourselves some of the most inspirational installations out there and see if they can get your ideas flowing!

Traditional tub

Wooden Hot Tubs Royal Tubs SpaPool & spa accessories
Royal Tubs

Wooden Hot Tubs

Royal Tubs

The word 'hot tub' brings to mind different images for different people, but the most traditional incarnation is a fully wooden installation, usually within a cold climate, as pictured here. The beauty of such a product is that the use of natural materials allows it to be easily transplanted into a multitude of settings and in this case, a fully wooden structure would make a perfect garden hot tub, regardless of location.

With regular treatment, the wood will last well and weather sympathetically within a garden surrounding and the hot tub will remain beautiful and unobtrusive.

Top deck

Spas for your home or commercial facility Leisurequip Limited SpaPool & spa accessories
Leisurequip Limited

Spas for your home or commercial facility

Leisurequip Limited

Almost a miniature swimming pool, this garden hot tub from Leisurequip elegantly showcases the possibilities for al fresco bathing. Set deep into wooden decking, the hot tub is large enough for multiple people and makes for a very sleek and subtle profile, as appose to 'tub' style installations. More suited to properties with a large outdoor space, this is a modern and sociable take on the traditional garden hot tub.

Room with a view

If a modern hot tub is what piques your interest but the aesthetics are not quite on par with your landscaping, a wonderful alternative is to build a specific room to house your garden hot tub. Elegant, stylish and inoffensive, the garden hot tub room adds a touch of sophistication to any spa time. Even poor weather cannot spoil the garden hot tub experience when enjoyed in this classically constructed cube.

Rooftop indulgence

Even if you don't have a 'garden' so to speak, it is still possible to enjoy a garden hot tub experience by working with what you do have. A rooftop hot tub installation offers a wonderful alternative to the more conventional backyard tub and can offer increased peace and relaxation. Penthouse owners will love taking advantage of their outdoor space and turning it into the perfect spot for a garden hot tub under the stars.

Balcony bathing

Similarly to those that move their 'gardens' up to the roof through necessity, so too can you use a balcony to a fuller extent, transforming it into a stunning outdoor space fit for a garden hot tub. The addition of some well-placed foliage in tubs, as seen here, will help to preserve any bathers' modesty, while the expanse of sky and the wooden decking underfoot will all combine to offer a truly divine outdoor experience. A garden hot tub does not have to mean a hot tub surrounded by grass, it is just a case of opening your mind and using your imagination a little bit!

Tucked away

Northern lights Hot Tubs and Saunas Cedar Hot Tubs UK Mediterranean style spa
Cedar Hot Tubs UK

Northern lights Hot Tubs and Saunas

Cedar Hot Tubs UK

Here we see a traditional rustic building that may not automatically be considered as an ideal match for a garden hot tub and yet the two are working perfectly together, thanks to a clever and subtle placement. By tucking the hot tub away into a corner it is not a main feature of the garden, rather, it is a valuable addition that can go relatively unnoticed when needed. This allows for the beautiful garden to blossom undisturbed and the rustic charm of the family house to stand alone.

Small and subtle

A garden hot tub is, without a doubt, a luxury purchase but that does not make it unattainable. Choosing something small, simplistic and perfunctory, such as this one, allows for a manageable and enjoyable purchase. By choosing an understated style of tub, a garden hot tub can be installed anywhere, without drawing attention to itself or disrupting any existing landscaping. This bathtub style hot tub looks elegant, modest and yet still classifies as a high-end addition.

Luxe living

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a garden hot tub but are not a keen enough gardener to warrant any green or outdoor space, why not consider building a special 'garden room' for your bathing? Benefitting from year-round warmth and cover, this option allows for the views and experiences of a garden hot tub without any of the downsides, including the dreaded cold 'dash back to the house' at the end of a session. The addition of some planted tropical plants and trees would liven up this garden hot tub room and help to really bring the outside in.

Colour coordinating

Wood on wood and white with white, this is the ultimate in stylish garden hot tub placement. The subtle coordination of colours and materials helps the tub to blend into it's surroundings and make less of a dramatic statement and focus more on quiet elegance and relaxation. The neighbouring grass and overhanging tree offer natural seclusion and soothing greenery and perfectly compliment this sympathetic and beautiful garden hot tub.

For more garden inspiration, check out these extraordinary garden furniture ideas.

Which style would suit your garden best? let us know below!

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