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10 shabby chic shelves

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A character-filled addition to any room, shabby chic shelves are not only beautiful but offer the opportunity to take on a fun and satisfying DIY project. By creating the look yourself, you can be sure that you have something not only unique, but perfect for your existing colour schemes and style.

Take a look at these shabby chic shelves and grab a paintbrush as you're going to feel inspired!

A new function

Is it a wardrobe or is it a set of amazing shabby chic shelves? It's both! Many people that embrace the shabby chic trend actually take old furniture and give it a new purpose, so what could be more fun that using a vintage wardrobe as a set of shelves? We can picture this in a guest bedroom, housing lots of books and looking stunning. The wood looks to have been given a very light whitewash before being waxed and finished. A perfect Sunday project for anyone with some furniture they want to spruce up.

Beautifully bare

This wall mounted set of shabby chic shelves looks beautiful and loses nothing despite being close to a large and very impressive dresser unit. The bare wood looks full of character and age and brings an understated edge to the room, which is already filled with stunning pieces. The shabby chic shelves are also a perfect compliment to that incredible dining table that has also been finished in the same style. This is a beautifully rustic family room and the shelves are a great addition.

Bigger can be better

If you like the shabby chic style, why not commit and go big? This stunning wardrobe unit has built in shelves and looks effortlessly beautiful thanks to the style of finish. The shabby chic shelves sat atop handy drawers make this not only eye-catching but a real talking point and when finished in a classic white, will never go out of style. More daring colours are frequently used, but for timeless elegance, white is the shabby chic colour of choice.

Small but perfectly formed

Bedside table painted in Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan Annie Sloan BedroomBedside tables
Annie Sloan

Bedside table painted in Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan

Shabby chic shelves don't have to be huge to make an impact. This delightful little item, finished in pastel pink and white, ticks all of the shabby chic boxes and looks adorable whilst doing so. A perfect bedside table/shelf unit for any bedroom, this could also be placed in a bathroom for handy towel storage on the self. A great way to break into the shabby chic world, small items such as this can be found and upcycled for a small cost and in a short space of time.

Recycled restoration

The use of these old apple boxes and wine crates as shabby chic shelves is inspired and offers homeowners the opportunity to make themselves totally bespoke items. As most boxes will have printed writing or logos branded into them, it would be a shame to cover that with paint, so instead consider waxing the wood to give it an aged appearance. Choosing a wax a shade or two darker than the original wood will add character without covering up the unique features.

Pastels and matte

Shabby chic paints come with two key features; they are usually pastel coloured and they have a matte finish. This kitchen makes the most of both qualities to inject some easy style alongside the inclusion of some shabby chic shelves. Just coming into view on the lefthand side of the picture, the wooden dresser with the glass front is infinitely shabby chic, having been left natural but being placed within this adorable room that has a penchant for ditsy prints and old fashioned styling.

Regency chic

Shabby chic shelves don't have to be all polka dots and cute, they can adopt a more ornate and classical style while still showcasing key components of the trend. Take this dresser unit from The Treasure Trove Shabby Chic & Vintage Furniture, for example. Painted in grey and green hues and featuring detailed embellishment work, the use of matte paint, an accent colour and a seemingly imperfect finish all point to another wonderful set of shabby chic shelves that are working incredibly well against the dark grey background and with the modern vases sat atop.

Accessories make for shabby chic

Our Industrial Showroom homify Industrial style kitchen

Our Industrial Showroom


This kitchen shelf is, without a doubt, shabby chic, but the thing that really makes it so in this case is the addition of well-placed accessories. Glass jars, brushed metal containers and pottery all combine to make the pared-back shabby chic shelves come to life. With the addition of some wax, this unit would take on even more shabby chic character and work well next to the traditional butler sink and modern worktop.

Scarcely there

Flock carpets made in 100% Laneve, a premium wool sourced from Wools of New Zealand Flock Living Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs
Flock Living

Flock carpets made in 100% Laneve, a premium wool sourced from Wools of New Zealand

Flock Living

You would be forgiven for assuming that the green bench is the focus of this picture, but its actually the incredibly subtle shabby chic shelves which are hiding on the wall. A wooden wall makes for a wonderfully old fashioned look and allows for integrated shelves to effectively camouflage themselves. These whitewashed shabby chic shelves blend perfectly with the patina on the table, the sanded back bench and the strategically placed driftwood. Ideal for a garden or boathouse, this picture shows how truly versatile shabby chic shelves are.

Patina and wood

Patina is another hugely popular design feature and often goes hand in hand with shabby chic furniture projects. In this case, old wine crates have been repurposed as stools and a table, but stacked up on their sides, these could make amazing shabby chic shelves and the size of the finished piece would be totally up to you. The natural wood has greyed with age and metal fasteners have started to show signs of patina, making these a great choice for organic installations that support a shabby chic theme. New isn't always better, as these clearly demonstrate!

For more shabby chic inspiration take a look at our ideabook on DIY shabby chic.

Have you caught the shabby chic bug? Let us know in the comments below!

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