10 quick 'n easy ways to make your garden look great

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Now that summer is well underway, you probably don't have time to undertake a full-on garden makeover, which is why we wanted to find some quick and simple upgrades that will give you the look you want in no time at all! Professional gardeners are geniuses when it comes to thinking up innovative and instant ways to make outdoor spaces that bit more beautiful and usable and we've honed in on 10 brilliant ideas for you to try out. Come and take a look and see which ones are perfect for your garden!

1. Lay artificial grass.

Faux grass is the easiest and best way to get a gorgeous lawn that requires no upkeep at all and the varieties available now are so realistic! All you need are some scissors and a couple of hours and you'll have a perfect finish!

2. Add some storage.

Whether you need a potting shed, a bike store or a greenhouse, look for a cute version, to add style as well as storage to your garden and then make sure you use it! Clutter on the lawn is NOT a good look!

3. Keep things neat with pots.

Planters and pots are a simple and effective way to keep a garden looking neat and well-maintained, while also adding in some fabulous colour as well! You can upcycle existing pots with a quick coat of spray paint too, so this can be super cost-effective!

4. Edge the lawn.

Giving your lawn some structure with a defined edge is a great way to make your garden look professionally put together. You can add some curves or stick to a straight line, but bright white gravel is a must-have for the finishing touch!

5. Upcycle some pieces.

If you have some unusual items in your home look for ideas of things to make for the garden. How about upcycling some of them into some incredible planters? In some cases, it's just a case of filling them with soil and adding some blooms.

6. Treat yourself to new furniture.

If your garden furniture has seen better days, it might be time to finally replace it with something new and trendy. Go on, you deserve to sit comfortably and in style! 

7. Screen off unsightly areas.

We all have to put our bins and composters somewhere, but we don't necessarily want them out on show! Adding some small screens or fences to your garden will give you access to a hidden section, perfect for housing the less pretty elements!

8. Set up automatic sprinklers.

If you have a real lawn, make the most of it by installing some automated sprinklers. You'll have year-round luscious grass but it won't take any effort at all, apart from the odd mowing session!

9. Add pretty lighting.

Solar lighting will give your garden a really professional look, as well as extending your enjoyment by a few hours every day! Choose staked lights that flick on as soon as the sun sets and you'll be blown away by the impact.

10. Pressure-wash the patio.

Finally, if you have a patio, it's time to dig out the pressure-washer to give it a good spritz! It might not look dirty, but as soon as you take off a payer of grime, it will sparkle as though it has just been laid. Gorgeous!

For more great garden ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: Cheap and easy DIY garden projects.

Bonus garden makeover ideas: Green walls

An excellent idea for making easy gardens magazine-worthy is to install a green wall with the help of professionals. Several options exist for vertical green walls, including wall-mounted planters and woolly bags. They are relatively maintenance-free, especially if you install automatic watering systems. Alternatively, you can undertake garden makeovers for free if you have an existing creeper or vine in the garden, by trailing it along the wall to create a lush green effect.

Bonus idea 2: Minimalist gardens

If maintenance is a worry, then it’s best to look for paved garden ideas that have only a few plants. A minimalist design with gravel or pebbles borders by hedges is an excellent option. The only maintenance it requires is trimming of the hedges occasionally. 

Also, you can give the walls of the minimalist garden area a new look with a fresh coat of paint or wall claddings.

Which of these ideas would make your garden that little bit more special?

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