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Hyde Park Mews Gregory Phillips Architects Modern bathroom
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In recent years there has been a significant change in the way bathrooms are being styled and how they are accessorised. Shower curtains have been the default choice for keeping your bathroom floor dry but they aren't the most hygienic or attractive choice. Now you can invest in a brand new shower screen that will protect your floor, dry quickly and, most importantly, look great. 

Modern meets traditional

Country House Barn, Surrey Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

The shape of the ceiling indicates that this is an older property, but this in no way means that modern touches can't be added to update the bathroom. This shower unit is well fitted into the small space without dominating it, and a curved shower screen makes it open and inviting instead of enclosed. 


Although a standard shower screen may be what you're looking for, there are alternative options such as this floral design, which is well worth considering. Built into the wall, it provides a striking contrast to the neutral shades of the tiles and opens up the cubicle, allowing natural light to come in. The beautiful colours add a feminine touch to any bathroom. Who knew a shower screen could make such a distinctive difference?

Clear cut

The clear shower screen in this suite creates a reflection in the glass, whilst showing the high quality tiles and shower features. The white suite goes beautifully with the dark grey tiles and the neutral tones of the shelf above the sink. The large mirror opens up the space and the shower screen is the focal part of the room as it catches the reflection. 

Pastel tones

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth homify Modern bathroom

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth


This suite gives a retro feel and a modern take on the old fashioned coloured bathrooms. To create a feminine feel, the pink hue has been toned down to a pastel shade accompanied by a classic white suite. The shower screen appears almost invisible and so leaves plenty of space and light to fill the room. 

Grand Design London showcase more bathrooms and shower screens.

Large and clear

Feature Showers and Steam Showers Nordic Saunas and Steam Modern bathroom
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Feature Showers and Steam Showers

Nordic Saunas and Steam

This stand alone shower cubicle with a clear shower screen is perfect for families or a couple, because of the extra shower heads along with the must-have waterfall shower. With sauna and steam features, this would be perfect for a larger house with more than one bathroom. The shower screen has a specially made door for easy access and includes cubes to allow seated showering. This would be especially useful for elderly family members or children.

Limited space

Bathroom homify Modern bathroom



Sometimes it's difficult to make the most of a narrow space, but using a thin shower screen like this in the corner of the room helps to make the most of it. The neutral flooring with the black tiles and white decor creates an inviting atmosphere and the high shelves optimise the floor space.  

For more tips and inspiration visit Lisa Melvin Design.

Small bathroom option

Small bathrooms can appear cramped or cluttered if they're not designed properly. This bathroom is a perfect example of minimalist style and modern shower screen. Ideal as a second bathroom or making the most of a one bedroom flat, the classic three piece suite with plain shower screen gives a clean and inviting space to relax. 

Separate shower screen

A penthouse apartment or large house allow for a spacious bathroom like this one. With double sink, textured tiled floor and black features, the seperate shower room doesn't look out of place. Shower screens sometimes may not provide the best level of privacy, so a seperate space with door is ideal. 

Luxury bathroom

If the hot tub bath wasn't enough, the large shower with sheer shower screen definitely presents this bathroom as fit for royalty. The skylights dotted delicately across the ceiling and the innovative shelf cut outs make pampering sessions a breeze. The chrome features of the shower are complemented by the crystal clear shower screen and curved wall. 


The majority of shower screens are designed to fit in a square shape, but this unusual design is triangular to suit the shape of the room. The double sink with black features keep the modern feel but the subtle grey hue of the walls make this bathroom understated and easy to accessorise. 

If the black features are catching your eye, there are plenty of designs to inspire a monochrome bathroom.

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