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A beautiful home can easily be cluttered with bags, shoes and coats that take up unnecessary space. A cloakroom suite is the answer to all storage problems, even in a smaller property. There's not always the need for a whole room or a big space, just some handy hooks, shelves and cabinets that will create a neat and tidy cloakroom suite. 

Cloakroom Suite in a Large Property

If a large space is available, of course a cloakroom suite would work best there. Having a seperate room or doors between the suite and the main living space allows ultimate tidiness and storage. In this property, the coats are hung up on a high set of hooks to keep them away from the floor, and any children or pets that may be around! The cabinet underneath is great for shoes, car keys or just general decoration. 

Hidden Cloakroom Suite

In this smaller property, the beautiful wood finish of this cloakroom suite contrasts perfectly with the grey flooring and white walls. Not only is it a cloakroom, it's stairs too! When living in a minimalist or small space, it may not be possible to accommodate cabinets or hooks attached to the wall. This storage solution brings the cupboard under the stairs to life, and with a sliding door means no clutter in sight. 

Hallway Cloakroom Suite

MN Residence deDraft Ltd Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
deDraft Ltd

MN Residence

deDraft Ltd

Sometimes it's not possible to create a cloakroom suite when the property has a narrow hallway like this one. In busy homes, all rooms will be occupied, so the easiest option is to integrate a cloakroom into the wall. Matching the drawers to the decor in a fresh white works really well and the high shelf provides even more space. As it's set back, the hallway is clear and natural light can flow through. 

Rustic Cloakroom Suite

This cloakroom suite looks like it belongs in a holiday home or rustic cottage in the countryside. The old fashioned door and untreated wood in the shelf make a refreshing change from the sleek furniture that has become popular in the majority of homes. This cloakroom suite is well loved and suits a family with lots of children enjoying muddy walks in the park and trips to the zoo. 

Feminine Cloakroom Suite

This corner is an ideal cloakroom suite for any woman who wants to keep things organised but fashionable at the same time. The padded bench with log storage is a great place to sit to admire new shoes, whilst the key box and shelves above provide plenty of storage and a place to display pretty accesories. The neutral tones would suit any home but colours could be added to brighten up the space. 

Monochrome Cloakroom Suite

Harmony Mowlem&Co



Sometimes bedrooms can be overwhelmed with wardrobes and cupboards, but clothes and shoes still spill into the spare room or under the bed! With this built in cloakroom suite, extra hanging space and footwear shelving, storage can even become fun, instead of a hassle. The invisible cupboards hide any clutter and free up the spare room for guests! 

Mirrored Wardrobe Cloakroom Suite

Ultra gloss chocolate bedroom suite Urban Myth Modern style bedroom
Urban Myth

Ultra gloss chocolate bedroom suite

Urban Myth

This stylish modern bedroom cloakroom is kitted out with all modern features, including the mirror front wardrobe, ornate lamp shade and lit up canvas. The double door wardrobe doubles as a cloakroom suite, optimising the space of this smaller bedroom. The muted tones and accessories create a relaxed atmosphere and are reflected by the mirrors. 

Shoe Storage Cloakroom Suite

This cloakroom suite from Sigmar features the ultimate storage solution for any shoe obsessed ladies! This beautiful padded bench doubles up as a place to admire beautiful shoes and get ready for romatic meals, family parties or a night out with the girls. The same solution can be used for men too, although it's unlikely they'll have quite so many shoes! Cloakroom suites like this are the ideal space to dress up, choose outfit and prepare for the day ahead. 

Unusual Cloakroom Suite

For a more abstract approach, cloakroom suites can be customised or even created yourself with a few cheap and easy pieces of furniture. This solution is a quick way to tidy away clutter with minimum fuss. The simple coat hook, chair and wall fixings create an open cloakroom suite that everyone can use. 

Sleek Grey Cloakroom Suite

This stunning walk in wardrobe is the queen of all cloakroom suites! Fit for a celebrity, ample shelves and storage space make this the perfect place to get ready and admire new purchases. The gorgeous curtain gives the choice of keeping the room seperate, and the detailed stencil on the wall gives a personal touch to this cloakroom suite. 

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