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Choosing the right cloakroom vanity unit

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Cloakrooms can be small and therefore storage is at a premium. Even if your cloakroom is larger, you will still want and need storage for all of your personal items. Vanity units are perfect for hiding away all those bathroom necessities that you don't want on display. This doesn't mean you have to have a run of the mill, under the sink,  storage unit. There are lots of modern and traditional options that can raise your bathroom to a whole new level. The design of a vanity unit can really lift the face of a tired older bathroom, or be a focal point of the whole room.

Marble Unit

Marble Vanity Unit Ligneous Designs BathroomStorage
Ligneous Designs

Marble Vanity Unit

Ligneous Designs

Marble gives the impression of luxury. When you see it, you automatically think of classic styling and beauty. This vanity unit offers an array of storage for towels and has drawers for more private items. The design is modern with straight, clean lines and it wouldn't look out of place in any bathroom. It has a good surface area for leaving items on display too. The colour is light and would compliment a variety of stronger colours, as well as more dulcet tones.

Modern Deco

This vanity unit is in the style of art deco, which makes the look ageless and classic. It cleverly hides away all your belongings, whilst leaving your bathroom looking stylish. The strong lines of the design are made of stainless steel, encased in dark oak. This blend of a modern material with a more traditional one gives the unit a unique appeal. It takes the best of new and old and makes them visually appealing and practical.

Practical Piano

Evocative of the 1920s and the jazz music scene, this vanity unit is perfect for those with a love of this style. With beautiful curves and a freestanding look, this unit is very classic. The black granite top and white glossy finish mirror the look of a piano. The wooden legs and handles finish it off wonderfully well and it just looks glamorous.

Wooden Simplicity

Wood has the ability to soften the look of a room. Even with it's straight lines and square modern looks, this wooden vanity unit makes the bathroom feel warm. It helps hide all the pipework, leaving the bathroom looking clean and finished. It has enough surface space around the sink for essentials as well, and the side unit matches and offers extra storage.

A Modern Classic

Vanity units aren't all about storage, although it is one of the main considerations. Sometimes it is about the elegance and decoration of it. This unit is all about style, as much as it is about practicality.  The sink sits in the unit, making it barely visible. To the side there is a whole area for you to place whatever you want on it. It has internal storage as well, but the beauty of it externally makes it a lovely focal piece. It is a design that makes you look at it twice to see if the sink is even there.

Curves are Back

Curves never go out of fashion. This vanity unit is curvy in all the right places and offers excellent storage. Made of dark wood, it contrasts the lighter worktop beautifully. It has lots of shelves for storage, meaning you can put everything somewhere. It is a little more open than some of the other units, but that is the appeal of it.

Simply Classic

A mix of shelving and cupboard space is an excellent combination in any vanity unit. The design here is clean and simple and very modern looking. With two side cupboards and a central shelved area, this design is perfect for a bigger bathroom in a family home.The colour would match many bathrooms, giving it longevity, should you change your bathroom decor. The side towel rail is a nice finishing touch.

Traditional Storage

Marble and oak seem to be a popular combination in vanity units. This one takes it a little further by looking more like furniture. It offers a great deal of storage with deep drawers and a closet sized space. The beauty of this design is that it looks stylish and would keep any bathroom clutter free.

Screen Effect

​Daniel Vanity Justin Van Breda BathroomStorage
Justin Van Breda

​Daniel Vanity

Justin Van Breda

The clever use of the X design in this unit gives the doors the appearance of a screen. It's very clever and looks extremely contemporary. The use of a mirror in the doors also helps a smaller bathroom look bigger by reflecting the floor and any light back into the room. The doors are framed in dark wood, leaving the unit feeling modern, yet classic.

Colour Splash

The vanity here offers a lovely splash of colour in this bathroom. The surface matches the wall and the colour bring vibrance to the room. The green surface is complimented by the white storage underneath it, which matches the rest of the bathroom. The green is repeated in the mirror and the white is reflected in the tiles. With lots of storage on top and internally, this unit has a lot of impressive points.

Space Saver

If space is a problem in your bathroom, it doesn't have to dictate style to you. This clever unit fits beautifully in this space and can blends in easily with the rest of the bathroom. Offering storage in the form of a cupboard, there is still space to the left of the sink for anything you want to leave on display.

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