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7 rules for a curtain-twitchingly good front garden

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You want a pretty front garden for yourself, sure, but it certainly wouldn't hurt if your neighbours were a little green with envy as well, would it? Well, we've taken a look at how professional gardeners look to curate outdoor spaces for their clients and we think we've identified seven golden rules for getting the perfect front garden! If you've been meaning to tackle your home's first impression-maker for a while but haven't found the right inspiration, everything you need is right here, so let's get started!

1. Fit in with the rest of the street.

When you start designing your new front garden, always be sure to take a look at how the rest of your street looks. You can opt for different flowers and colours, by all means, but aligning with the rest of your neighbours will make for a more natural and cohesive feel.

2. Symmetry works well.

A little symmetry goes a long way, especially in terms of garden design, so think about embracing the same colours on either side of your path. You could even opt for matching pots and planters, for a more contemporary vibe.

3. Structure is important.

Don't forget that unless you install evergreens everywhere, the bare bones of your front garden will, at some point, be on show when flowering season ends. This is why beautiful structural elements are a must, such as rugged stone raised borders and gorgeous containers.

4. Logical access is vital.

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey homify Modern garden

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey


The whole point of a front garden is to offer a lovely aesthetic, alongside easy access to your front door, which is why a striking path is so important. It's no use simply focussing on all your plants and flowers and just hoping the visitors will navigate their own way to the door, after all!

5. Work with the height of your windows.

When choosing your front garden plants, always work with the height of your windows, as you don't want to obscure your beautiful facade or block any of the natural light that flows into your interior. Small shrubs work especially well and create a charming border.

6. Think about potential buyers.

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Studio Hopwood

Style and Substance

Studio Hopwood

You might not be planning to sell your home anytime soon, but you should always keep kerb appeal in mind when you are planning your front garden. Think about creating a classic look that will appeal to the most potential buyers and you won't go too far wrong!

7. Watch out for planning permissions.

Traditional front garden and driveway homify Classic style garden

Traditional front garden and driveway


Finally, always keep potential planning permissions in mind, when curating a new front garden. You might be surprised to learn that fencing and gate heights can be an issue, so always check on your local council's planning portal to see if you need to apply for any permits.

For more garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Inspirational front garden designs.

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