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Mother Nature's Favourite Family Home

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The German people are well known for their inventiveness and innovation. In areas as diverse as sustainable energy systems, molecular biotech and software engineering, Germany is always at the forefront. Even in terms of creating the next generation of sustainable housing, Germany has become a global leader. With the backing of their government and a growing social awareness, the diversity of sustainable housing being developed throughout the country is growing. 

The project we're to showcase on homify today is one of the best we've seen and we're excited to take you on a tour. In partnership with their clients, Jebena Schoof Architekten have designed a modern domain that will no doubt inspire…

Sustainable materials

Pictured on a bright and sunny day is the newest concept in sustainable homes. What we see is a dwelling that appears as a unique blend of both traditional and modern architecture. The choice to build the home with a gable roof mirrors many of the areas found within this area of Germany, though few houses would be built with the same materials as this home.

Panels of fibre cement cover the exterior, which provides the home with a unique grey/silver façade. Sustainably sourced Siberian larch timber has been used to clad the exterior and looks amazing in partnership with the huge, triple-glazed glass sheets. 


The materials used for the exterior not only look beautiful but they also provide the house with amazing energy savings. No matter what the season is outside, the home is always a moderate temperature. Water is also captured via the downpipes and is stored in concealed rainwater tanks underneath the building.

The home owners really have no fear when it comes to opening their bills from their energy and water providers since the home is nearly fully self sufficient.  

Stylish modern interior

The interior reminds us of a barn-like structure due to its hallow form and pitched ceiling. This was in fact a desire of the homeowners, who wished for the interior to take on a form that would provide the feeling of space, light and an unrestricted sense of freedom.

Enhancing these senses is the choice of an all-white colour scheme, which is a simple and popular décor choice that can help any room feel gigantic. The décor itself creates a relaxed setting where many items of diverse styles come together to form a desirable family setting. Many of the pieces seen in the corresponding image have been sourced from second-hand shops, which bring a genuine homely touch to the living areas. 

A hallow interior

Up the stairs we can begin to understand the layout of the home better. The ground floor consists of kitchen, living and dining area, forming the main meeting point for those living here. Also on the ground floor are the master bedroom and main bathroom, which are located in the quieter corner of the home. Upstairs you'll find the spare bedrooms and recreational rooms. 

Drecnhed with sunshine

To finish our tour, let's embrace the sunny day on offer and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful views of the rural landscape that's visible through the fantastic wall of glass. Sunshine creeps into the interior and awakes everyone and everything in sight. Better yet, the sliding doors can be opened up to allow the sounds and smells inside too, without the fear that the house will become cold and uncomfortable. 

Overall its been a real joy to take a tour of this German eco-house but let's move onto another exciting project! Check out this real gem from history: A Time-Travelling Medieval Home.

Are you interested in eco-friendly homes? Would you like to see more of them? Let us know in the comments!

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