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Behold! Kitchen technology to update your home

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When we start talking about high-tech kitchens, we know that all of you perk up and want to know more and why? Because we are naturally geared towards wanting the latest and greatest innovations in our homes and with the kitchen being a hub of the house, it is in here that we often want to show off and enjoy amazing technology!

Don't worry, we aren't talking about space-age items that nobody can afford in this Ideabook, rather, we are looking at some fabulous items of kitchen technology that will really bring your room into the modern era and make a design statement. It can be something as small as a perfectly designed condiment holder, or a large item, such as a fridge, but either way, we know you are going to love what we have to show you, so buckle up as we head into the future of your kitchen!

Electronic cookers

Long gone are the days of old fashioned cookers, unless you have a heritage home and are keen to keep the styling, and in their place we see electronically controlled cookers that are making cooking not only easier, but also more stylish and as far as kitchen technology goes, they are one of the best examples!

With integrated cooker hobs, remote control functionality and even LED displays, cookers have been brought into the next millennium and are having a huge impact on kitchen aesthetics, in a good way! Just look at this sleek white example, from Meson's. It actually looks like part of a spaceship!

American larder fridges

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Not a new invention in themselves, American larder fridges have been revamped and given a modern touch with the inclusion of new and useful kitchen technology. 

Though we like the retro versions, with their heavy doors and uneconomical running costs, the modern incarnations, complete with stainless steel doors, ice makers and water dispensers, really do make light work of serving a family with everything they need. Best of all, the new fridges look amazing while being a practical addition! Superficial, us?

Stylish condiment holders

When your kitchen technology is bang up to date, don't ruin the futuristic vibe by having provincial or old fashioned condiment holders! We think your seasoning sessions will never be the same again if you invest in some ultra modern and insanely stylish items, such as these oil and vinegar (balsamic, of course) pourers.

Modern design seeks to showcase simplicity and innovation, so with that in mind, these almost pill shaped items are making light work of introducing style at every turn in a kitchen. Just imagine having something similar in white, for your salt and pepper; your table would become an art gallery!

Built-in microwave

While ovens have been available in a built-in style for a while now, kitchen technology is moving forward by offering the same finish for microwaves too, but it's not simply a case of inserting one and letting a bulky handle jut out into the room for clumsy residents to walk into!

New designs show flush doors that open on your touch and are perfectly matched to the corresponding oven, often fitted beneath them, as seen here. This is a great way to ensure maximum counter space is retained in your kitchen and really brings a command centre vibe into your home!

Spectacular lighting

No kitchen would be complete without some amazing and beautiful lighting in place and we think this example is absolutely gorgeous! Though a little retro in style, the bright white finish and luminescent daylight imitating bulbs have helped to make this space feel even brighter and more modern than the all-white finish already had!

Kitchen technology can really be as simple as the lighting you choose, but if you've taken the time to carefully consider your cabinets and accessories, it seems silly to overlook how you light the space! If you wanted something a little more high-tech, we love touch lights, that come on at the gentlest press of a fingertip!

Futuristic cooking aids

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It almost feels as though we won't actually need to be involved in the cooking process in the future, thanks to all the amazing and innovative kitchen technology that is being released. From all-in-one soup makers and blenders, to self-kneading bread machines, it really is all go! One thing we will advise, however, is that you select your cooking aids carefully, or you could end up with no cupboard or worktop space!

If you are always on the lookout for amazing kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 Spectacular Modern Kitchen Designs. We just know you will be overwhelmed by some of the finishes!

What new technology would you like to invest in for your kitchen? What do you already own? Let us know!

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