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A bathroom. A room named after a bath must make it a pretty important object. Baths are a luxury in themselves. Not every bathroom has room for a bath, so to have one at all, is something special. We can spend hours in a bath, reading, thinking or listening to music. They become a place of serenity and relaxation, so it's important that they look inviting. They come in various shapes and sizes, from full size baths to three quarter baths, to round ones and freestanding ones.

Something we rarely look at are bath panels. Of course some baths don't need panels and are lovely as they are, but others do need panels or cladding to give them that extra special look.

Below you will see a variety of baths, some freestanding, but most with some form of panel or covering, giving them a different look. The variety of materials used to make baths, as well as their panels, seems to be endless. As design moves forward, we see new concepts all the time and designers are creating some beautiful pieces of bathroom furniture.


Banburgh Small Double High Slipper Cast Iron Roll Top Bath UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques BathroomBathtubs & showers
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Banburgh Small Double High Slipper Cast Iron Roll Top Bath

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

A bath panel isn't always a suitable option. Sometimes there is no need to cover up pipework, meaning you can showcase a beautiful bath as it is. The Banburgh bath is a small cast iron bath, with a classic shape, that still manages to look unique

You can choose any colour you want for this bath too, making a panel obselete as it would actually retract from the beauty of it. Made entirely from cast iron, from the roll top to the feet, this bath will last for decades.

Black and White

Black and white make this bath really stand out. Harking back to a time of jazz and art deco, the style screams of the 1920s. Made from aluminium and using geometric shapes in the bath panel, the design is both classic and ageless. As with the other bath above, you can chose the colour of the exterior, making it truly something just for you. Coming home after a hard day at work has never been so appealing. The idea of filling this bath with your favourite scents and bubbles is delightful.

Modern and Classic

The Ancora Bath BC Designs BathroomBathtubs & showers
BC Designs

The Ancora Bath

BC Designs

The Ancora is a bath made using Acrymite, which is a technique used to seamlessly join together the layers to keep lines clean and modern. Essentially the inner bath and outer panel are sealed together to create this stunning look. This bath looks quintessentially modern and sleek. No colours, no frills, just clean and simple lines that make it blend in to this room beautifully.

Copper tones

William Holland Copper Baths William Holland BathroomBathtubs & showers
William Holland

William Holland Copper Baths

William Holland

A freestanding copper bath looks beautiful. No panels here, but why would you hide the elegance of the colours on this? It is old fashioned and timeless. Something about the sheer simplicity of it is the appeal and you could sink into it with your favourite book and not be sure where the time goes.

Wood on Copper

The Sloop Copper bath clad in Oak Hurlingham Baths Eclectic style bathroom
Hurlingham Baths

The Sloop Copper bath clad in Oak

Hurlingham Baths

A natural looking finish is the lovely look of this bath. The wooden outer gives it an old world feel, whilst looking distinctly different. You won't see many of these around and it would certainly make your bathroom somewhere you would want to show your friends. The simplicity is one of the characteristics of this bath. The wood takes away from the slightly colder feel that the copper could leave. It has a sense of luxury with the curved shape, whilst looking very simple.

Modern Twist

Sampan Copper Interior Clad with Teak (Feet can be detached) Hurlingham Baths Classic style bathroom
Hurlingham Baths

Sampan Copper Interior Clad with Teak (Feet can be detached)

Hurlingham Baths

As with the bath above, this one is teak and copper and holds a lot of appeal. The difference with this bath is that it has a much more modern look to it. The teak bath panel/cladding is beautiful and it compliments the metal work incredibly. Bathrooms should be a room we want to spend time in, somewhere we can unwind. This bath would transform any bathroom into that space. A modern classic in the making.

Totally Wooden

This bath is utterly unique. Made entirely of wood, it is all natural and would be warm against your skin. You might not think of wood as something to bathe in, yet here it is and it looks stunning. Treated to be waterproof, this bath will be the envy of every other bath because it stands out.

Curved Beauty

Baths have a traditionally rectangular shape to them, but not here. This bath takes on a much more curvier/oval shape to it. This gives it an extremely modern finish that would compliment any bathroom. The panel of this bath is cut to shape to fit around the curves, leaving the shape of the bath visible. 

Old School

Villa privata a Ceresara Devincenti Multiliving Modern bathroom
Devincenti Multiliving

Villa privata a Ceresara

Devincenti Multiliving

This bath is very much one that will be familiar to most of us. A shape we all recognise and panelled in a style that looks like a bath most of us will have. This doesn't take anything away from it at all. There is no reason a regular bath can't look like it belongs in a modern bathroom. The shape is one that fits most rooms, which is why it is the most popular. The paneling here is simplistic and it does the job whilst making the bathroom look homely.

Tiled Effect

Here we see another regular bath in a modern bathroom. It sits neatly at the rear, but looks very inviting. The big mirror alongside it really opens up the feeling of space in this room. The design on the bath panel is tiled. Using this method, not only does it make the bath look good, it is easy to maintain and clean. It offers something a little different too and matches the room very well. You could take this effect and add any pattern to the side of your bath.

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