A modern apartment designed with a small budget in Telangana

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Apartments have become a popular choice when it comes to urban living, but often, one needs to compromise on spaciousness for a home in a central location. With real estate prices increasing steadily, the budget left for decorating the interiors is lower than one would like. However, the good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot to achieve stylish interior design that look modern and sophisticated.

At homify, we aim to make it easier for you to get interior design ideas that inspire. Today, we take you through a modern apartment in Secunderabad to show you how it is possible to get stylish, minimalist interiors even on a small budget. Come, join us, and I’m sure you’ll agree at the end of it that less is more!

The stunning entrance

As soon as we walk through the door, the luxuriousness and elegance of the apartment welcome us.  The predominantly black and white tones in its décor enhances the modern feel. The false ceiling with embedded LED lights as well as the backlit panels are other modern elements that allow lighting to be controlled efficiently to enhance the mood. The sleek wall-mounted television furniture is another stylish element in the living room and is designed to optimize precious floor space. The textured wall panel matched the sofa and enhances the sophistication of the area.

An elegant chandelier

We move to the dining area that carries through the luxury theme with a gorgeous chandelier suspended over the space reserved for the table. The stark contrast of black and white creates a modern feel in this space.

Stylish hand-wash and storage

Just off the dining area, we come across a custom-designed basin (as per the home owner’s requirement) for washing hands before and after meals. Additionally, the space in the area has been optimized by fixing cabinets under the basin counter as well as on the walls – great for storing crockery, cutlery and table linen within easy access of the table.

Minimalist master bedroom

The master bedroom looks small at first glance, but the design cleverly incorporates everything that one needs. Here, we see the stylish bed with hidden box-storage under the mattress, an upholstered headboard and wall mounted bedside tables, which extend along one side to provide additional storage as well as a countertop for placing books or décor accessories.

Every inch for storage

Notice how every available inch, from floor to ceiling is used to provide storage – a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors to optimise the floor space and overhead cabinets for storing blankets, suitcases and other things that are used infrequently? A small floating shelf serves as a stand for a slim and sleek TV in the bedroom.

A study-table

Another piece of customized furniture is a study desk for placing a computer or laptop. It also has storage cabinets for books and files to keep everything hidden away, adding to the classy, modern ambiance of the master bedroom.

Black & White bathroom

The bathroom follows the black-and-white theme of the master bedroom. It has a sculpted wash basin, with irregular curves and a geometric print embossed on the black surface, providing a striking contrast to the white countertop on which it rests.

Stylish mosaic borders

Large-format matt-finish white wall tiles in the bathroom enhance the sense of spaciousness, while beautiful glass tiles in a mosaic pattern are used to create borders that separate the shower area from the rest of the room.

The second bedroom

In the second bedroom, once again, we see how the tiny space manages to look stylish with an upholstered headboard that travels up the wall and merges with the ceiling panel, bringing a cosy feel like there’s a canopy over the bed. Built-in wardrobes, box storage under the mattress as well as a wall mounted side table with drawers provide ample storage.

Sea themed bath

The attached bathroom of the second bedroom has a seaside theme with a colourful basin printed with marine life motifs. The white wall tiles have a wavy pattern that enhances the theme.

The guest bedroom

Unlike the other two bedrooms, the guest bedroom doesn’t have a stark black-and-white theme, but uses the colours in milder prints on the upholstered headboard as well as a wall panel to create a soothing ambiance.

Desk counter

A built-in desk counter in the guest bedroom provides a convenient space for guests to work on their laptops.

Muted tones in the bathroom

The en suite bathroom follows the same muted theme with white and light grey tiles and a lovely oval-shaped basin.

Monochrome kitchen

Shades of white, black and grey bring a modern, minimalist feel to the L-shaped kitchen. The storage cabinets include pull-out drawers, glass-doored wall mounted cabinets as well as overhead cupboards for storing things that aren’t used frequently. The idea is to provide sufficient storage to keep the kitchen counters uncluttered and the room looking spacious.

Pretty borders

Once again, geometric printed black-and-white tiles are used to break the monotony of the grey and white and to add another element of elegance and style to the kitchen.

Aren’t you inspired to add some stylish touches to your home? See A small apartment big on style for some more practical tips on making a small apartment look spacious and elegant.

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