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A bathroom cabinet is almost an essential piece of bathroom furniture. A cabinet with a mirror could be seen as extremely important. Not only can it be used for storage, it can be used to preen yourself in the morning. Every bathroom needs a mirror in it to function. Not only do they act as something for us to see ourselves in, mirrors reflect light and space and make smaller bathrooms feel bigger.

Mirrors vary in size and style and depending on the space you have available, this will dictate what sort of mirror cabinet you want or can have. You can get full length cabinets, deep ones or ones that are shallower. Whatever you decide, it will add stye to your bathroom. Below you will find some beautiful ideas for bathroom mirror cabinets that may inspire you.

Long and Simple

This bathroom is very modern and minimalist in style. With a hidden cistern, no handles on the vanity cabinet and everything having clean lines, the mirror cabinet fits in perfectly well in this room. The mirror is long to compliment the double sink below it. Not only does it help reflect light in a fairly narrow room, it offers a lot of extra storage. The lights above it reflect right back out into the room too. Everything about the design of this room is simplistic and clean. The mirror cabinet lends itself to this beautifully.

Twin Mirrors

In a shared bathroom, we all still like to feel like we have our own sense of space. The easy solution is to have two mirror cabinets, like the ones you see in this bathroom design from Emma Hooton Ltd. This way each person gets their own space to store and stare. These mirror cabinets help reflect the light in this darker bathroom, helping create a sense of space. They sit above their own sinks, really helping to create an individual effect in a shared room. The black tiles really are in stark contrast to the white basin top sinks, and the mirrors add to the light needed in this room.

Longer and Longer

This bathroom is very narrow and limited for space. The bathroom cabinet offers a storage solution and creates length and width needed in the room by reflecting light. By using the mirror to create a sense of space, the bathroom looks larger than it really is. The cabinet offers really good storage in an otherwise small space too.The lighting above and below the cabinets really helps to illuminate what could otherwise be a dark space. You can see from the lack of any other storage in the bathroom that this cabinet is an excellent choice.

Old Fashioned

Mirrors can be like a work of art. As you can see here, this one is framed and looks amazing. It is perfectly in keeping with the bathroom style. The white cabinets, the colour on the wall and just the old fashioned feel of the room, match the mirror. The clever framing of the mirror cabinet make it a feature, rather than just a piece of bathroom furniture. The light frame and the dark wood used in the bathroom compliment each other really well. The effect of this mirror is one of reflection and beauty.


Here we can see a clever bit of design. A small room, using reflections to make itself look bigger. The shower screen reflects the mirror and the mirror reflects the screen. This bathroom cabinet is excellent storage, but also acts as an illusionary device to make the room look bigger and it works extremely well.

Go Large

This bathroom cabinet mirror has gone oversized. It looks more like a window than a mirror. The size makes it a great place to hide away all those things you don't want on display. And it is ideal for doing hair, makeup, shaving and any other morning rituals that you may have. Not to mention the size really helps it act as a focal piece in the bathroom. It is perfectly matched with the vanity unit below it, which is also quite large, both making good use of the space in this room.

Small Spaces

Small spaces lend themselves really well to bathroom cabinets. The mirror always makes it feel bigger and you can store essentials away out of sight. If you have a cloakroom, guests will always appreciate the use of a mirror when they use the facilities. This cabinet is the perfect size for this space.


From the oversized to the slimmer look. This cabinet mirror takes us in the other direction. Still big enough to hold essentials, it is slim and doesn't stick out as much as the others. Everything about this room is slimmed down, right down to the sink. This makes everything more spacious whilst still being extremely practical. When space is precious, this sort of unit just goes to show that anything is possible.


Bathroom cabinets don't always have to be a tool to give the illusion of space. This technique works really well in smaller, narrow bathrooms. But in bigger spaces, they are there to act as just a mirror and storage. Here you can see that this cabinet fits the space perfectly. It isn't too big or too small, and sits perfectly above the twin sinks. There is plenty of storage for two people as well.

Curved Square

This bathroom is very modern, but it takes a new twist on straight lines. Curves fill the room, from the bidet and toilet, to the sinks and mirrors. The curved bathroom mirror cabinet is the perfect addition to the room. It doesn't look out of place and actually ties the room together.

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