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Reading is one of the most worthwhile pursuits that we have. It's a distraction from our busy lives, promotes the development of our intellect and is the best method of learning. Through reading we can enrich our knowledge of culture, expand our vocabulary and improve our creativity through a stimulated imagination. Therefore, it makes sense to create a small space in your home that's dedicated to such a fruitful activity!

You should first locate a good space, preferably a corner, which is devoid of domestic traffic so you can concentrate on the reading material whilst also finding peace and serenity. Accompanied by your favourite drink, a reading corner is blissful.

We decided to help you create your own cosy reading corner by providing some sensational design ideas.

Ready? Let's begin!

1. Comfortable seat

A reading corner without a comfortable chair will feel like a summer without the warming sun. They simply go hand-in-hand. Imagine travelling the worlds of past and future, behind the pages of a novel, while your body rests comfortably on the curves of an armchair. There is only one simple thing to remember for the reading corner chair: it must be comfortable enough to sustain hours of sitting!

2. Chaise longue

In the sphere of comfortable chairs for the reading corner, another great option is the chaise longue. It is a type of shaped sofa with a long extension to support legs. They're often elegant, modern and adaptable. 

Considering the ergonomics of sitting, it is ideal that your chaise longue supports your neck and spine as maintaining a correct posture while reading is a key element of staying comfortable and peaceful.

The chaise longue in the image above, from Last Stop, presents design in a smooth and delicate texture, surrounded by warm and welcoming light while the artwork in the background blends with the room to create an elegant space, perfect for reading.

3. Side tables

Bloominville Storage Unit House Envy Scandinavian style living room
House Envy

Bloominville Storage Unit

House Envy

A small side table next to your chair is a key element for your reading corner. This multi-functional and indispensable piece of furniture can serve as a lamp post, bookshelf, minibar for your favourite drink or a place to rest your glasses.

The side table will keep anything your need within arm's reach so you don’t have to get up and lose concentration while enjoying a good book. In this image, House Envy provides a good table that could be used in your reading corner: simple yet elegant and modern.

4. Soft textiles

It's obvious that we will need to be surrounded with textiles that keep us comfortable and cosy whilst relaxing or sitting for hours behind the pages of a book. There is nothing more comforting than fluffy pillows and blankets with soft textures, embracing us and keeping our bodies pleasantly warm. Curtains can also influence the atmosphere in our corner as heavier fabrics can hinder sunlight from penetrating the room.

In the image above from Vadain, a swinging chair hangs from the ceiling. The smooth movement produced from the suspension would be really relaxing, similar to a hammock. The simple addition of a pillow and blanket creates an out-of-the-box idea that can be used in the living room and create a relaxing corner without using much space. 

5. Good lighting

In the absence of light we can barely see beyond our noses, much less read. However, the importance of good lighting goes beyond the capability of sight. Spending a significant amount of time staring at pages without the right amount of light can strain the eyes and cause irreversible damage.

It is best to have natural light so it would be helpful to place your reading corner by a window. If the noise from outside the window disturbs your concentration, floor lamps are a great choice as their light can be directed. Lamps can also have dimmer switches, which can be really handy if you are a night reader and don’t want to bother others.

The example above from Interieurs Wonen Hemels presents the perfect combination for a cosy corner: windows for natural light, a beautiful lamp and a comfy seat.

6. Stylish shelves or bookcase

It will be a good idea to include specialised furniture in your intended corner as they help add a personal touch. It will become a resting place for your favourite titles—your own personal library—and by arranging the chair on a strategic spot, everything will be in easy reach.

Kjubik Innenarchitektur, in the image above, complete the design of the corner with a warm fireplace and soft rug, transforming it into a little paradise.

7. Plants and candles

Black Wicker Chair homify Garden Furniture

Black Wicker Chair


The presence of nature in the house is proven to be highly beneficial for a tranquil state of mind so ensure to place a few plants around your corner. In the image above, Miafleur gives us an excellent example of how to use nature as a decorative tool, filling the atmosphere with fresh air and tuning it into a relaxed frequency.  

If you have chosen the terrace or balcony as a relaxing corner, then consider adorning the space with the colourful aromas of beautiful flowers. The icing on the cake would be the addition of the soft glow of candles.

Creating a calm and cosy corner in you home for relaxing and reading can make a great difference, not just for the interior décor of your home, but also your state of mind.

For more ideas to snuggle up with, take a look at: Creating A Cosy Living Room.

Are you feeling inspired to create a corner in your home to unwind in? Let us know your plans in the comments!

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