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The design team responsible for this amazing project explain that, The existing extension was demolished and a new stepped addition put in its place to stretch across the whole rear elevation. The new extension incorporated large sliding doors with clerestory windows above, maximising daylight to the kitchen, living, dining, and study areas. This gives the rear of the house a better connection to the garden, creating an enjoyable space to entertain family and friends – something the clients were keen to achieve as the current layout didn't. Internally we reconfigured the layout of the ground floor, lowering the floor to the rear rooms to bring it more in line with the garden level and created an interesting mezzanine level study area. 

While this all sounds incredible, the proof really is in the viewing and we just know you'll agree that the end result is not only visually impressive from the outside but exudes a certain warmth, charm and character inside too. A truly covetable addition to an already stunning family home, we think this extension is truly the benchmark by which others should be measured, so let's take a closer look!

The perfect starting point

Well, there can be absolutely no doubting how stunning and perfectly finished this façade is and while we can't see what has been added at the rear, we already know that the house, as a whole, will be utterly spectacular. If anything, having such a strong house to begin with is a good thing, as it will further dictate the level of quality and finish that will be needed to look truly symbiotic.

We can only imagine how delighted Granit Chartered Architects must have been to be given access to such an incredible house, with a view to extending and improving it!

The finished product

From the magic of the front façade, it is just a few short steps around to the rear of the house and this absolutely incredible extension, that not only looks unbelievably modern, it also manages to blend in with the house to such a natural extent that it doesn't look in the least bit jarring or ostentatious, it simply belongs.

Breaking up the new and original elements, the black-edged overhang frames the modern addition perfectly, but in a classic and understated style that keep the extension on the right side of stylish and beautiful, as apposed to over the top and auspicious.

Extra room

We know you probably need a few minutes to take in the full majesty of the space that has been created here and yes, we know that is a strong word, but can you really deny that it is appropriate here?

A gorgeous open plan room, this space showcases an incredible modern kitchen, a stylish dining room, a family snug area and even a mezzanine study, making this the perfect hub for a busy family that want to spend time together, while still being able to get on with their interests and hobbies. We have to say that if this was our house, we would never want to spend time in any other room! Let's hope those sofas are pull-out beds!

The details

We know that the last picture was maybe a bit too detailed for you to take in some of the more stunning elements, so here is a lovely close up of the dining and study area, which we think is the real crowning glory of the whole room.

The contrast of natural wood and exposed brick against the dark grey bookcase and ultra modern glass enclosure perfectly highlights just how well original and new features have been blended together throughout this project and we think it is just fabulous as well as eminently usable.

Clever storage

Just because you are adding an extension to your home, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have space to  glibly add new furniture; you will still need to think about integrating your storage in a clever and space-efficient way, just as the design team have here.

We love the flush fitting bookcases, which are sunk into the wall effortlessly to offer a wealth of storage capacity and just look at that cheeky little wine fridge, built into the mezzanine study plinth! We wouldn't have thought of that, but what a brilliant idea and so perfectly positioned for quick and easy access from the dining table! Cheers!

All day appeal

What use would a fantastic extension be if it was only good for the daytime? Not much and this one certainly hasn't fallen into that trap! Just look at how relaxing, cosy and beautiful this setting is in the evening. The woodburner adds a touch of heritage character, while the furniture and gorgeous glass walls ooze modern chic. We can only imagine how lovely it must be to curl up in this space for a relaxed family evening!

For more incredible extension inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Extraordinary Glass Extension In London. We think you'll really like the sleek modernity and contrasting styles.

Would you love an extension on your home? What would you use it for? Let us know in the comments!
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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