10 great garden design ideas you'll want to try

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Before you get started on a new garden design, why not pick one simple, central idea and really build everything around it? We think any professional gardener would tell you that this is a recipe for success, in terms of a beautiful end result that looks and feels cohesive, but the real question is, what could you make your focal point? Well, we've been looking at some of the best gardens out there and think that we've pinpointed a few brilliant ideas, so come with us now as we fill you in!

1. Make it a haven for bees.

Encouraging a little more nature into your garden is simply a case of adding handy bird feeders and, if you want to make friends with bees, choosing the best plants! We actually wholeheartedly recommend this idea, as we all need to help the bees to repopulate, so some wild flowers would be a great way to do your bit!

2. Focus on cosy seating.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your newly upgraded garden, you need to make seating the real star of the show. Choose a few cosy spots to make the most of and think about the style of chairs and lighting that would best. The rest of your garden is basically just decoration after this!

3. Maintain a balance with Mother Nature.

When you know that you want to inject a little more organic styling into your garden, you have a wealth of materials available to you! Rugged stone walls are a super addition, which anyone can have a bash at crafting and the best part is that they will naturally create a focal point and divide your space into manageable chunks.

4. How about an out there pond?

If you're a water baby at heart, it makes perfect sense that you would want to make a really gorgeous statement pond the focal point in your new garden! We would definitely take inspiration from this project, by adding a charming little decked area as well!

5. Make childhood dreams come true!

How many of us used to dream of building an incredible treehouse in our gardens and just hiding out in it? Well, you might not be able to actually live in it, but you can definitely design and build a fantastic wooden treehouse, now that you're all grown up! You don't even need to have kids as an excuse, as this is YOUR dream garden!

6. Go without a lawn.

We're just going to say it; having a lawn can be a real chore! Yes, it can look beautiful, but the amount of watering, mowing and feeding necessary certainly puts us off, so how about considering a lawn-free garden? You could choose decking, shingle or any combination of natural materials instead and the effect would be really eye-catching!

7. Add a dream workshop!

Got a hobby that seems to take up way too much room in your home? Why not make your garden the ideal location for a workshop? Choose a spacious area, build something that you know you won't outgrow and you'll soon see how much time you start to spend out there! Perfection!

8. How about growing some of your own food?

We're all for a little digging for victory, which is why herb wall planters and even extensive allotment beds are seriously tempting us, in terms of our next garden overhaul. If aesthetics are important to you, this should appeal, as plants are plants, but adding in a little self-sufficiency will make those good looks even more impressive!

9. Add more comfort that is usual.

Outdoor living rooms are fast-becoming one of our favourite things! By cordoning off a section of garden and adding super comfortable seating, handy coffee tables and even bright lighting, you'll make your outdoor space so much more than just a fair weather consideration, as you'll definitely look for a suitable roofing solution, so you can sit out there all the time!

10. Look for unusual focal points.

When all else fails, a little something unusual will always give your garden instant oomph! Whether you find a bizarre seat, some fabulous statues or even a dramatic water feature that you want to install, just make sure that all eyes are on it and the rest will take care of itself!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 Thrilling Garden Transformations.

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