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Stylish accessories for your dining space

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A dining room is often a place of celebration: whether revelling in good news, a surprise work announcement, or simply taking comfort in family or friends getting together and gathering for some succulent food. The dining room is a domestic space that represents cordiality, and comfortable socialisation. Other than a well-chosen table and chairs, what makes a dining room special? 

Today on homify we are paying homage to the dining space, an area of the home that brings people together, and joins them with entertainment, good food, and conversation. A dining room’s style is more than simply tables and chairs, check out the examples below, and ensure your dining space is well-appointed and ready for a stylish and eye-catching experience.

Rustic ceramics and vintage cutlery

Broste Tableware Collection rigby & mac Dining roomCrockery & glassware
rigby & mac

Broste Tableware Collection

rigby & mac

Rustic and bespoke ceramics never date. They are timeless essentials that work wonderfully within your dining space to create a sense of style and panache. Choose neutral hues that will work with any colour palette but don’t be afraid to choose something bright either. This example from Rigby & Mac shows some wonderful pieces that look beautiful balanced against the crisp white table linen. Cutlery is another essential. Pick items that are comfortable to hold but also add a little zing and energy to your table.

Accessories, accessories everywhere

Dining area homify Modern dining room

Dining area


When accessorising your dining room, there are a number of things that should be kept hidden, while others make stylish ornaments. Here we see a great built-in console table that holds the recipe books and other eating appurtenances. The wall clock is a stylish addition to the space, and draws attention to the crisp white wall. Additionally, there is also a mounted television that adds a casualness to the space, which can be great when entertaining large groups of people.

Sleek and stylish accoutrements

If you want to create a dining space that is sleek and chic, then look no further than this wonderful example. The table and chairs are minimal in a grey tone, while it is the accessories that truly add a sense of completeness and resolve. The side console is reflective and matched with modern art, while the vases of green blooms soften the space and ensure it is effortlessly enjoyable. To finish this space, the hanging chandelier is a great statement light fitting that creates an opulent and luxurious vibe.

Flowers and driftwood

They say the colour red increases appetite, so this room is sure to cause a stir during dinner time. Replete with structured red blooms set on the window ledge and matched with red upholstered seating, this space is wonderfully formal with a sense of casual relaxed ambience. The driftwood statue at the end of the room is another element that adds an organic vibe and injects a sense of style into the space.

Fresh blooms

Streatham, SW2 Build Team Dining roomAccessories & decoration
Build Team

Streatham, SW2

Build Team

Fresh flowers never go astray within a dining space, or simply anywhere in one’s interior. Head to your local florist and pick up a bunch or two. You will brighten your domestic spaces, while injecting a sense of nature and fresh energy.

A sideboard

Westbury Painted Kitchen Dresser The Cotswold Company Dining roomDressers & sideboards
The Cotswold Company

Westbury Painted Kitchen Dresser

The Cotswold Company

A sideboard is a must have for any organised dining space. Perfectly versatile, this cupboard can hold all your linen, accessories, accoutrements, and ornamentation that would normally be creating mess and taking up space in other areas of the home. Here we see a country style unit that presents itself as a combination sideboard and display cabinet. If you are trying to create a space that is a little more modern and contemporary, simply choose one of the numerous options available and pick your furniture to suit your interior aesthetic.

Art for the wall

In a dining room, art can drastically change the aesthetic and vibe of a space. From salon style walls, to simple modern art, you can impart a sense of style and energy with carefully chosen art. In this example we see a collection of vintage pieces that are hung tastefully upon the walls, and work well to match the warm hues of the upholstered seating. The historic nature of these prints is echoed by the timber table and contrasted with citrus shades that add a little zing and zest to the space.

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