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South of France Urban Cape Interiors Modern pool
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With the frantic and frenetic pace of life, it is often a dream to have a space outside of the city to rejuvenate, refresh, and unwind. With the advent of technology and the resulting globalisation, our lives have become busier and more intense. We are connected in every possible way, through our televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Because of this hectic lifestyle, it is often advantageous to escape the hustle and bustle, and seek a space of solitude and serenity. 

Today on homify we are taking a peek into some stylish retreats and luxurious getaways. From single ‘internet-free’ sanctuaries, to large and opulent seaside homes, check out the images below, and start planning your next holiday with style and inspiration.

A country escape

Wychwood Limestone bespoke feature in a tumbled and etched finish. Artisans of Devizes Classic style balcony, veranda & terrace
Artisans of Devizes

Wychwood Limestone bespoke feature in a tumbled and etched finish.

Artisans of Devizes

Who doesn’t love getting away from the hustle and bustle of a frenetic and fast passed life? This beautiful country home would make the ideal getaway and a place for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Remove the shackles of your hectic and busy life, and ensure you take some time out to breathe a little country air, and enjoy the simpler things in life, such as catching up with family, playing with your children, or simply reading a book.

The Exbury Egg

The Exbury Egg in Location PAD studio Modern houses
PAD studio

The Exbury Egg in Location

PAD studio

An escape of a different sort, this temporary live/work structure is built to accommodate artist Stephen Turner, while he studies the effects of global warming and erosion on the New Forest. Replete with a bed, desk, small stove, and wet room, the area is a wonderful space to live in a basic yet interesting way. If you are looking for complete solitude, and a different type of residence, then take a peek at the Exbury Egg from PAD Studio Architects. This property, although different in design to many other homes, has a deep connection with its surroundings, and provides a wonderful space to connect with nature and the organic environment.

Check out the whole project here: Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg

Escape to the lake

An architecturally designed home by the lake does not necessarily need to be large and unwieldy. This stunning construction is a brilliant example of a space that is sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and environment, while also injecting life and interest into the area. The new construction is similar in form to the original cabin that was present on the land, but has an improved relationship to the lake, and provides the occupant maximum visual connections to the gorgeous scenery. Along with a striking design, the new cabin contains a sleeping gallery, kitchen toilet, and bathroom.

A shore home

Living room by WN Interiors WN Interiors + WN Store Modern living room
WN Interiors + WN Store

Living room by WN Interiors

WN Interiors + WN Store

This stunning shore house is located in Swanage, and evokes a sense of cleanliness as well as relaxing style. A small flat within the property is small in size, and yet feels quite spacious, and open. The colour scheme is light, bright and airy, and ensures the occupants a space that feels ready for rest and rejuvenation. Choose a neutral and white colour scheme, punctuated with hints of timber, and other natural materials. In addition, the furniture is comfortable, and timeless, ensuring the owners a design that does not require high maintenance, or upkeep.

South of France escape

Villa South of France Exterior Urban Cape Interiors Modern pool
Urban Cape Interiors

Villa South of France Exterior

Urban Cape Interiors

For something a little further away, why not escape from Britain, and set sail for the South of France? Truly a sight to behold, this gorgeous home is opulent, lavish, and replete with all the necessary bells and whistles that you would expect from a contemporary coastal dwelling. This property epitomises the luxury and opulence of the location on which it sits. The home is bright white, and the pool sparkling blue. If you need to get away and free yourself from a busy and hectic life, consider a trip to the beach, to shake off those 9-to-5 blues.

Going that little bit further

View homify Tropical style balcony, veranda & terrace

If France isn’t a far enough getaway, then take a look at this stunning villa in Bali, Indonesia. Located on the beach, this huge 800 sqm dwelling by Gong makes the most of the beachside location, and a wonderful sense of isolation and relaxation. Utilising a modern design with plenty of traditional materials, this holiday home is a brilliant example of a property that is in-keeping with the land, and stylishly relaxing.

Where is your favourite holiday getaway? Let us know below!

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