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Bathroom mosaic tiles have been popular for a number of years and help to add a dimension of fun, elegance or individuality to what was once a purely functional room. Now offered the same levels of design consideration that living rooms and bedrooms are, bathrooms are truly coming into their own and the things that people are doing with them offer valuable insight and inspiration to others planning a refurbishment project.

Take a look at these fantastic examples of bathroom mosaic tiles and see if you are left awash with ideas!

Scatter pattern

The joy of bathroom mosaic tiles is that the possibilities they offer are essentially limitless and there are no rules. If you prefer the randomness of unplanned patterns, then they are the perfect wall covering for you and as seen here, can produce beautifully random results. Clearly working on the premise that the wall should fade into a lighter colour at the top, the tiler has allowed the tiles to create something totally non-uniform, beautiful and all encompassing. Finished with a plain white bathroom suite, the wall and bath enclosure remains the focus point and is visually stunning.

Squares and stripes

When you work within a set colour scheme, there need be no more rules than that. Here you can clearly see two striking patterns working exceptionally well together, despite us having always been taught not to clash patterns with each other. The reason for the cohesion is that both patterns are working within a cool blue scheme, making them complimentary not competitive. Where the stripes are uniform, the layout of the bathroom mosaic tiles is not, adding a bit of whimsy that works delightfully well.

Natural hues

Understated is the only word for this beautiful example of bathroom mosaic tiles. Chosen, no doubt, to perfectly compliment the wooden butchers' block vanity top, the earth tones in the tiles offer a quiet charm and natural warmth that can be difficult to glean from a man-made product. Picking up the golden brown of the wood, the cream of the wall and alluding to the blue that we associate with water, these mosaic tiles are perfectly situated in a calm and relaxing bathroom.

Splashback of colour

White tiles are a bathroom staple but for something a little different, this colourful shower surround is a really eye-catching feature. By using coloured bathroom mosaic tiles from Equipe Ceramicas as an accent and not the main body of the wall, the impact is far more elegant and unique, allowing for daring colour choices to be included. A similar installation would be wonderfully complementary above the bathroom sink and perhaps surrounding the toilet unit as well, helping to bring together the accents in a definite theme. 

Bathroom bling

If you were asked to picture floor to ceiling shimmering gold bathroom mosaic tiles, you would be forgiven for assuming that it would either be a bit much, but as you can see, when done in the right way it looks breathtaking. A wonderfully subtle shade of light gold, these tiles offer the perfect background for dark wood, helping to pick out the grain, while bringing bathroom inspiration to a new level. Far from being over the top, these gold tiles bring a sparkling elegance and allow for more understated accessories to be installed, such as granite sinks.

Pearlescent perfection

White Lip Crackle Mother of Pearl Mesh-Joint tile ShellShock Designs Walls & flooringTiles
ShellShock Designs

White Lip Crackle Mother of Pearl Mesh-Joint tile

ShellShock Designs

If a sparkling bathroom appeals to you but you are not a fan of gold, as seen above, how about trying something similar with pearlescent crackle effect bathroom mosaic tiles? Perfect for turning your space into a shimmering room filled with pastel infused light, these tiles would be ideal not only on walls, but inside a shower enclosure too. For a funky twist, why not consider using a coloured grout to pick out the highlights of the tiles?

Random repetition

Hexagon tiles are fantastic and make a visually striking statement. The sharp geometric lines work so well with a crisp white bathroom suite and though not technically a mosaic tile in structure, the overall effect when using these is that of a large scale mosaic. Bathroom mosaic tiles come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, but these work fantastically well due to their simplicity and unfussy nature. Coloured hexagon tiles would work well in a lively bathroom, but for monochromatic crispness, this grey and white scheme is perfect.

Feature wall

If a large area of bathroom mosaic tiles is not for you, perhaps a more subtle inclusion would work. Used here to highlight one small shower wall, blue mosaic pieces work well next to the vibrant pattern of adjacent tile work. To tie the wall in a bit more, other small areas of mosaic decoration could be included, for example above the bath or behind the toilet though it could just as easily stand alone as it forms an intrinsic part of the colour scheme as a whole.

Beautiful border

If a feature wall of bathroom mosaic tiles is still a bit too much of a large scale project, try paring back completely and using them purely as a decorative touch in small ways, such as a mirror surround, as seen here. Complimenting the very modern and beautifully coloured glass sink, the burgundy bathroom mosaic tiles featured here have been used to add a little extra credence to an accent colour and they work wonderfully well. Eye-catching yet still subtle enough to blend into the bathroom cohesively, these tiles are a great example of how a little can go a long way.

Enclosed elegance

Wetroom Shower Areas nassboards Classic style bathroom

Wetroom Shower Areas


With some people believing that less can be more, this bathroom is the perfect depiction of how a small addition can make a striking statement. By choosing to only use bathroom mosaic tiles within the confines of the shower, they instantly appear more luxe and transform the shower unit from a functional instrument to a high end installation. When used in a predominantly white bathroom, mosaic tiles can be any colour and will still retain an elegant appearance, making them perfect for any home.

For more inspiration, take a look at this ideabook filled with bathroom remodelling tips and tricks.

Are you now mad for mosaics? Let us know in the comments!

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