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Fabulous ways to use the space under the stairs

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This article is dedicated to staircases. Specifically, the space underneath them. If you don’t have a stairs in your home, don’t click away just yet because the future can bring unexpected surprises and you need to be prepared!

The space under the staircase often remains unexploited, without any apparent useful function. Yet, this barren space is, without a doubt, the perfect spot to add extra storage units in your home. If you have ever wondered how to tidy up the shoes that run wild by the front door then you need to tap into the potential of the space under the staircase.

It is true however that the potential of the staircase space might be hindered by its shape. That doesn't necessarily mean that it cannot be used altogether. It just means a little imagination and creativity is required. Therefore, we are going to turn the wheels of your imagination by giving you some great tips on how to make the most of this untapped space.

Are you ready to explore the depths of the staircase?

Turn steps into a bookcase

One way of tapping into the staircase's potential is by re-purposing the steps into a storage solution. Generally, the steps have some height, making them ideal for storing objects vertically underneath. This could work perfectly, for example, as an amazing bookcase, stacked on different levels to accommodate your literary collection. If you have children, the first level of the new bookcase would be ideal for shelving their favourite tales. They can simply reach and grab them without your assistance.  

Having a tiered bookcase under the stairs also gives you an organisational benefit. You can stack books by subject, colour or even size on each level. Of course, the higher you staircase is the more space you will have for storing books. Even if the higher levels are beyond your reach, you can always include a ladder, giving your stair bookcase library allure!

A Zen garden

Let’s put a pin for a moment in the idea of the storage benefits of the staircase and concentrate on the interior décor. In the image above, the underbelly of the staircase has been utilised as an indoor garden, creating a tranquil spot within the house. 

The white pebbles scattered on the floor help to keep the space looking clean, while the trees require very little maintenance. To prevent dust and other debris disrupting the interior garden, a glass partition has been installed, thus creating, in essence, a large terrarium. Of course, the choice of plants or any decorative elements will depend on your taste. In any case, the staircase garden will be a fantastic touch of serenity in your home.

Use movable furniture

For people who are fond of functionality and purposefulness in their house décor, an empty and barren space under the stairs must be quite annoying. If you feel that the wasted space under the stairs is the Achilles heel of your finely tuned home, consider adding a classic sofa, desk or even a small cabinet. 

In doing so you will give utility to the space and help relinquish the feeling of wastefulness. The picture above is a great example of incorporating a classic sofa under the staircase, which rests harmoniously against the wall. You can also shuffle the furniture arrangement under the stairs to give a different vibe to your house once in a while! 

Creative storage

Under Stairs Storage buss Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage

Under Stairs Storage


Remember the pin from earlier? Let's now remove it and return our focus to the potential storage benefits of the staircase. Creating an efficient storage unit under the stairs has long been the wish of many homeowners. 

As the foot of the stairs is often close to the home's main entrance, it's a great idea to include a shoe rack. This will help tidy up the hallway and eliminate any unpleasant odours emanating from unruly shoes. You can also fit a clothing rail to hang coats and umbrellas and even add shelving for bags!

Create an extra bathroom

If the underneath of your staircase is big enough to accommodate a room then you are on the brink of an amazing opportunity to create an extra bathroom. A big family will hugely appreciate the benefits of an extra toilet, especially during the morning hour rush.

A bathroom on the ground floor is also great for guests, especially those with reduced mobility. Of course, creating an extra bathroom will require professional help, time and money but its benefits make the effort worthwhile, don’t you agree?

Showcase your artistic side

Finally, you can give your staircase an artistic touch! Here we see how a staircase that has been transformed into an exhibition of artwork and decorative items. Such a great way to utilise unexploited space, especially if you have no other spare room to showcase your talents! Also, if the display has limited accessibility, it will be great for valuable artefacts and heirlooms, being out of reach of clumsy hands! 

While the underneath of the staircase can be a mysterious and scary place, it really does offer great opportunities to be turned into a functional space to meet your needs. You just need a little imagination and investment!

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Did any our ideas inspire you to tap into the potential of the space under your stairs? We'd love to hear about your plans in the comments!

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