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Egue y Seta Mediterranean style kitchen
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The kitchen has quickly become the most important room of a home. No longer is it just a room to cook, it is now the central gathering place of a home. It is a place where families gather over a meal and catch up on each other's day. It is a place where friends can come together and chat over a glass of wine. The kitchen is the social room of a home, so why not jazz it up with eye popping patterned kitchen flooring. Create works of art that add personality and style to the kitchen by adding kitchen flooring with colour, texture and pattern. These unique kitchen flooring ideas have transformed the most important room of the home into the most stylish.

Cool squares

This playful pattern adds fun to this kitchen. The black, white and grey colours are perfect for the blue cabinets of the kitchen. The square tiles comprise of solid colours of white and black, mixed with unique patterns. These tiles flow into a light wood flooring for the kitchen seating area. Even with the bold blues of the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen flooring becomes the center piece. It is playful in design, unique in pattern, and a great design to add flavour to a kitchen.

Unexpected colour

The flooring in this kitchen is unexpected, as from the rest of the kitchen finishes one would gather that they are just stepping into a traditional kitchen area. The kitchen flooring however takes the kitchen from traditional to exciting. The tiles are bordered by wood flooring, so it almost looks like a giant rug. The colours used are a cool sea green, deep blue and a border of white. These ocean like colours are unexpected, yet feel very soothing in this kitchen. The pattern too is unique, and is not too overwhelming with such grand colour. The blue and white border evens out the sea green, and the pops of small blue tile on the green is a nice continuation from the border. This unexpected colour in kitchen flooring has transformed this kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Peeks of pattern

Rénovation d'une cuisine dans un vieil immeuble sur les quais de Lyon Pepper Butter Eclectic style kitchen
Pepper Butter

Rénovation d'une cuisine dans un vieil immeuble sur les quais de Lyon

Pepper Butter

This kitchen flooring has just the right amount of pattern for those not ready to make the full plunge yet still wants an attention grabbing floor. The pattern is a beautiful pattern that uses blues and reds as its colour palette. Just a sliver is used, as it is used in conjunction with hard wood flooring. The end result is a double pattern, double texture, and double the uniqueness that makes this kitchen anything but ordinary.

Oh so blue

This kitchen flooring plays with colour and pattern to add a big punch to this kitchen space. The floors feature a beautiful, Mediterranean style pattern, working with bold blues and lighter shades of blue with geometric shapes. The rest of the kitchen is neutral- white and black counter tops and finishes, and a grand brick wall that plays with the texture of the floor. The colourful floor pops even more against as the only hint of colour in the kitchen. The end result is a kitchen that is bold, beautiful and unique, all due to this eye catching kitchen flooring.

Monochrome movement

Create movement in a kitchen with flooring that almost feels 3 dimensional, as if it is moving and has a life of its own. The design is a very modern geometric pattern that uses black, grey and white to create a hip pattern. The floor looks like it was a piece of art itself in a hip room, taken down from the wall and planted on the floor. The pattern flows well with the rest of the kitchen, which picks up the black colour of the pattern. This patterned kitchen flooring is the perfect compliment to a sleek and modern kitchen design.

Comfortable country feel

This kitchen flooring is reminiscent of a childhood home, its cosy and welcoming. It gives off a comfortable feel as if the best apple pies have been created in this very space. The colours used are an eggshell and black, which adds contrast to the colourful finishes of the rest of the kitchen. The pattern used is a country styled tile with star-like shapes. The flooring ties in the rest of the kitchen together, creating a space that's too comfortable for anyone to ever want to leave. 

Double the pattern

Can't decide between two patterns for your kitchen flooring? Why chose just one when two can make an even bigger impact.This kitchen flooring uses two very distinctly different patterns. One is a beautiful white and grey marble, which on its own is a nice floor that would jazz up any room. Halfway through the kitchen the designer introduces a large chevron patterned flooring. The colours are completely different, shades of browns and cream, which adds more contrast to the room.  The kitchen ends up being extremely unique in design, perfect for anyone who wants big design impact.

Minimalist pattern

This kitchen is modern and minimalist with an eclectic floor that keeps in trend with the rest of the kitchen. A minimalist kitchen does not mean one cannot get playful with the flooring, as this floor does not take away from the minimalist design. Instead, the neutral colours of black and white, coupled with unique geometric shapes, adds flair to the kitchen. With the rest of the kitchen using sleek design and straight lines, this kitchen flooring breaks up the monotony and adds personality to the room, while still being the perfect minimalist compliment.

Pattern on pattern

All about pattern and movement? So is this stylish kitchen. The kitchen flooring features an awesome design of small tiles that have a floral pattern. The colours used are creams, browns, and pops of subtle blue, which matches perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. The light blue in the tiles adds a great touch of unexpected colour. The patterned wall in the kitchen adds even more texture, and coupled with the unique design flooring, creates a truly eclectic and unique look that makes for a huge statement making kitchen.

Check the checkers

This kitchen flooring is perfectly designed with the rest of the kitchen. The kitchen uses browns and whites as its colour palette, and this is continued to the floor. The floor itself looks like a large brown and cream checker board. The small tiles provide great texture for the floor. With its use of colour, the kitchen flooring flows well with the rest of the kitchen finishes, and against the white walls it stands out even more as a statement piece. This kitchen flooring is playful, like a game of checkers, while remaining stylish.

Are you ready to take the plunge with patterned kitchen flooring? Let us know your ideas!

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