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9 giveaways that your home is hopelessly outdated

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We can't all move into a new home and have it exactly as we want it and perfectly modern, but do you know just how outdated your new property really is? If there are a few aesthetic elements that you think you can live with, that's fine, but interior designers the world over really are tearing their hair out over certain old hat features, which we are going to tell you about today! From tacky kitchen finishes through to forgettable wood panelling, come and see what you need to tackle straight away!

1. White kitchen appliances.

It's been a really long time since white appliances were the height of chic! It's all integrated black or stainless steel these days, which are exceptionally energy efficient, so you might like to look into some new alternatives.

2. Uninspiring kitchen splashbacks.

Boring tiles, or glass mosaic tiles make for very unimaginative kitchen splashbacks that look dated and drab. We all know that subway tiles are the way to go now and with so many charming colours to choose from, you'll find something you love!

3. Naff wall colours.

Dark, bold and drab wall colours might have been all the rage in the seventies, but then again, so was clashing wallpaper! These days, it's all about creating a fresh and revived look, which will remain modern for decades.

4. Dated hardware.


Whether it's your internal doors, bathroom cabinets or kitchen cupboards, the door knobs and handles that finish them off really can make or break a lovely aesthetic. It won't cost a lot to swap yours out for something a little more contemporary.

5. Boring counters.

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Formica used to be massively popular, but then again, so did fully tiled worktops! If you have either of these in your home, it's definitely time to update them! Natural wood counters look great, are easy to maintain and never date! Perfect!

6. Hard to remove textural elements.

You know what we're talking about here… artex ceilings and woodchip wallpaper! The bane of every homeowner's life, these horrid textural materials are not only ugly, they are bloody hard to remove as well! Regardless, you'll need to try, as they date a house so much!

7. Cork or carpet bathroom floors.


What were people thinking, back in the day? How on earth would absorbent materials, such as carpet or cork, ever be an appropriate choice for a wet space, such as a bathroom? But still, they were used and you can always tell an old fashioned house, if you see them!

8. Wood panelling.

There are some types of wood panelling that look terrific, but heavy, overbearing wood in functional rooms, such as bathrooms, are a big no-no! If you have some in a small hallway, it will shrink the perceived space no end, while making it look old hat too!

9. Lino flooring.

There was a time, long before laminate flooring became so adaptable and realistic, when linoleum flooring was the go-to choice for homes everywhere, but not anymore! If you still have some of the tatty old plastic-effect material in your home, it's got to go!

For more decorating no-nos, take a look at this Ideabook: Mistakes to avoid when decorating.

How many of these unfortunate elements do you need to address?

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