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Lighting is key in any room. It can make or break a room very easily. Lights offer not only the obvious, but class, style and can be a focal point. They pull together elements of a room by highlighting certain areas and the furniture and decor. By suspending a light you are alluding to a sense of grandeur and sophistication. It shows that the room isn't just any room, but somewhere special and luxurious. You can have them anywhere, from dining rooms and living areas to bathrooms and hallways. There is no end to where you can suspend a light, because they come in a huge array of sizes and styles. They can look classic or modern to fit in with any style you prefer.

Jam jars

These lights from Nuvarti are stunning. They look industrial and cool with Edison style bulbs inside of them. It is a great way to use old jars and give them a new lease of life. The exposed wires add to the overall look. In this room everything ties together nicely. The open shelves in the background, the ceiling beams and the painted brickwork all look like they fit with the lights. Looking slightly unfinished is half the charm of this design. They are inoffensive and not too bright either.


Suspending lights make a room feel bright usually. Here they offer a subtle lighting option. The lack of lampshades is a growing trend amongst designers. It used to be something that you would see in the digs of young people who probably just couldn't afford a lampshade, but now it is considered minimalist. These lights look natural with the cork casing between the light and the wire. The design would compliment many rooms around the home offering a warm glow.

Crystal chandelier

A chandelier is a classic option in suspended lighting. They have always been a status symbol for the wealthy and used around the world in grand homes. Crystals are expensive and this meant only the richest amongst society could afford them. Now, however, there are alternatives for those of us who don't live amongst the elite. This chandelier offers the look of opulence at a fraction of the cost. Using coloured glass in various sizes and shapes, this lighting piece would sit comfortably in many homes and in almost any room you like.

Interval lighting

Hallways are often difficult to light with soft lighting and end up overexposed with hard light. These hanging lights offer a perfect alternative to this. Using lots of different lengths hung at various intervals helps create a very soft, yet well illuminated stair well. They help leave the space feel open which is good for any enclosed area. They hang down from very thin wires, again adding to sense or airiness they offer. Because the lighting is so soft you can have as many as you want in the space you need them to fit in. They don't need to be limited to a hallway either and would go well in many rooms.


Cluster pendant light by House Doctor An Artful Life HouseholdHomewares
An Artful Life

Cluster pendant light by House Doctor

An Artful Life

If you are looking for something a little different then this light may be for you. Offering a look that is so far from the 'norm', it really will be a talking point amongst your friends. The bubble effect of this light is really fun and elegant all at the same time. The overall effect of this light challenges the chandelier by suspending itself, yet not being classic in design at all. It takes suspended lighting to a level of delight and feels like a not so serious light. Yet it would look stunning in any room in your home.

Scientific lighting

If bubbles aren't your thing, there are still a lot of options out there for everyone. These corked looking jars have a laboratory feel to them for the scientifically orientated amongst us. Or for those who just appreciate something a little different. Perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or in fact any room you like, these quickly bottles give off a lovely soft translucent lighting effect. There is nothing harsh about them at all.

Country style lighting

When it comes to a rustic kitchen, it doesn't get much more rustic than this. The room has a dark feeling to it with the dark tiles and roof. The room is very full with the centre being taken up by an island and table. This makes it a difficult room to light, as you don't want anything too harsh, yet you want to make sure you can see what you are doing. These lights are suspended low enough to offer just the right amount of lighting, giving maximum impact across the whole room. Yet they retain the warmth of the room and fit the decor perfectly.

Bauble effect

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



A lovely light and airy room is the perfect space for not only exposed beams, but exposed lighting too. In a contemporary space, these bauble effect lights look perfect. The room is very open and sleek, meaning you don't want lighting that is too decorative. The room feels very minimalist and not clustered, whilst remaining homely. These lights are the perfect partner to this style. The bauble effect makes them a good looking lighting option that will illuminate this room beautifully.


This bathroom just shouts luxury and opulence. The freestanding bath next to the fireplace has a feeling of the Victorian era. As do the colour schemes around the room of green and brown. The flooring matches the shower tiles and just ties the room in nicely together. The bath is stunning and lifts the room right up. The crowning glory here is the chandelier. It shows the room as a place of indulgence and grandeur and matches the style with perfection.

Glass style

Arcadia Chandeliers homify Eclectic style event venues

Arcadia Chandeliers


Not all chandeliers need to look traditional. Whilst this light was made specifically, there is no reason you can commission a piece yourself. Your home is your palace and you should feel a love for it. Lighting can offer so much to any room in your house and having something as spectacular and magical as this light will make any house feel special.

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