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Expert tips: how to clean you home in under an hour!

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Urgh! CHORES! We all have to deal with them, regardless of how much we don't want to sometimes, but if we told you that it is possible to clean your home in under one hour, you'd definitely be willing to give our advice a try, wouldn't you? Well today is the day to embrace some speedy home maintenance, as we've taken a look at how the professional cleaners manage their cleaning schedules and have brought together some some top tips for you, right here! From getting the kitchen clean as a whistle to brightening up your bathroom, we have all the info you need, so grab the rubber gloves and let's get going!

1. Get those bedrooms fresh!

Aim to spend no more than 10 minutes on each of your bedrooms and start by picking everything up off the floor! Get anything dirty in a laundry basket and out of sight and anything that can be worn again should be quickly folded and placed on a chair. With your floor clear, make the bed, remove any cups from your bedside tables and give them a cursory wipe, before opening a window and getting on with the next room!

2. Be floored by your own efficiency.

Naturally, the styles of flooring that you have in your home will affect how you clean them, but a general rule of thumb is to check that you have an empty enough bag in your vacuum before you start and a dustpan and brush ready to use! With vacuuming, start in the corner furthest from the door and work your way back in long, easy motions, then shut the door and trap the cleanliness in! For other flooring types, a quick sweep or even a fast wet-mop will do the trick!

3. Big up the bathroom.

Bathroom scan take up so much time, but not if you work smart, not hard! First things first, give every surface a spritz with a proper cleaning solution. This means your toilet bowl, sink, shower tray and screen, bath and mirrors. While it works it's magic, crack open a window, change out any old flowers, replenish soaps and toilet roll and then, wipe everything down in sequential order. Try to finish with the surface closest to the door, so you're not working over your own progress! Really, you should only need about nine minutes to finish a bathroom!

4. Get to grips with the kitchen.

Your kitchen can take half the time it normally will, if you get in the habit of cleaning as you cook, so let that be our first recommendation! For the proper clean-down, spray your dirty surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, then while it is degreasing, empty the bins, load the dishwasher and have a sweep up. When you wipe your surfaces down, take a minute or two to just check your handles aren't sticky and don't forget the tap! If you have a little extra time to spare, why not check the fridge for spoiled food? We think about 12 minutes is right for a kitchen overhaul.

5. Liven up the living room.

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A collection of four contemporary Iroko timber-clad modern family homes

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Your living room will naturally accumulate a lot of clutter and mess, so take 15 minutes to really tackle it effectively! Start by putting loose items, such as remote controls, where they belong and also give your cushions a good plumping. From there, you can dust surfaces such as coffee tables and your television. Don't skip the TV dusting, as the static will create a heavy film that makes the rest of the room look really dirty! Any glass surfaces will need extra attention as well, but be sure to use proper glass cleaner, or you'll get a streaky finish that looks worse than a bit of grime!

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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